By dating a psycho - 03/02/2022 08:00

Today, I learned that when my girlfriend was a kid, she enjoyed torturing animals for fun. Nice to know she was lying when she said the idea of harming an animal “makes her sick to her stomach.” FML
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Does she enjoy torturing animals as an adult? Maybe she has changed, perhaps become a vegan?



maybe she needs to be euthanized. sorry, I love all animals, I even feed the skunks and opossums by my house.

Does she enjoy torturing animals as an adult? Maybe she has changed, perhaps become a vegan?

well this could be looked at in many different ways doesn't necessarily mean that your girlfriend is a psychopath or sociopath. first you need to figure out what her definition of torture is that can vary greatly by people, secondly find out more about her childhood situation was she being abused or neglected. in certain situations children will lash out against whatever is in front of them even if it's some poor innocent animal. so you definitely need to find out more about her past.

you do mean each girlfriend, right?

Maybe it makes her sick NOW. On a minor comparison, I more or less enjoyed snow as a kid, but would much rather stay inside now when possible.

So she's a compulsive liar then???

Several possibilities: (1) Both statements could be true. People can change from childhood to adulthood. The person she is now is more important than what she was like as a child. (2) Someone may be trying to sabotage your relationship. They might be lying or exaggerating about her childhood. Again, what person she is now is the most important thing. Does this person have a motive to sabotage your relationship? (3) Girlfriend could possibly have psychopathic impulses but has learned to control them. I think that if this is true to a significant degree that you would probably have noticed it for yourself by now. Make your own observations and decide based on what you see and not on what someone tells you of their past as a child.

Maybe she had a moment of clarity and now it actually does make her sick. But regardless, that's a big red flag to me... anyone who could ever hurt an animal deserves to have the same thing done to them.