By stillkindahorny - 13/09/2011 05:51 - United States

Today, I finally had sex with the guy I've been seeing. It took him longer to put the condom on than it did to finish. FML
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Sabraynay 10

He was probably making sure the condom was on properly. Better to be safe than sorry!

leadman1989 15

In the defense of stupid men everywhere... They can be pretty slippery.


Sabraynay 10

He was probably making sure the condom was on properly. Better to be safe than sorry!

rexgar2000 10

at least you had sex with him, look at the bright side lol fyl

22cute 17

I'm pretty sure she's saying that side wasn't very bright. Hello!

EnEl_Infierno 15

Well at least be sure you disposed of it properly Op, you don't want kids going around thinking their soggy ballons.

And you just sat there watching him put it on and not help? Would of made things more fun ;)

indielove 13

Was there any foreplay?

Well you shouldn't have made it seem like a quicky. Cuz he might have taken his time ahaha.

liggity 1

First time anticipation jitters. I'm sure it'll be better next time. You could take it as a compliment because he must think your really hot for him to go so fast.

Exactly 59, I'm sure the guy didn't plan for that to happen either. Quit whining, give it 30 minutes, go again. Simples.

You should stop complaining just because YOU got your hopes up way too high! Besides it's not easy the first time with anyone

Be thankful he got his pants off ,condom on, and inside you, would you rather the only reason he took his pants off to be that he blew his load in them

He set your standards low so next Time he can impress you if there is a next time :O

did you let him wear his chain an turtle neck sweater?

cooterpie 11

I think I love you.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

*offers 85 points for the reference* that good? best 30 seconds of my life.

tittymagic 0

In the song, was that Adam samberg or the other guy? Sorry, I blanket out on his name

She put a bag on my head.... Doesn't matter had sex!

leadman1989 15

In the defense of stupid men everywhere... They can be pretty slippery.

That's why I don't like public parks

Michael_92 20

But it only took him 20 seconds to put it on....

tremayle 0

well maybe your that good lol

hotaro15 3

I second that

jayer_hooo 0

rofl that's what I was about 2 say

#3 haha funny... Made me laugh

Steven696 6

First timer for sure, sorry OP guess you've got to get him use to it :P

Senior29 8

were u attempting 2 beat the "worlds youngest dad"?

How old is the worlds oldest dad?

Lol whoops I mean the worlds youngest dad

Senior29 8


People want everything faster these days. Now you have more time for other things, like sending FMLs.

btstig 11

Nice mustache.

Help him with the condom?

btstig 11

Should have knocked that first one out the way for him. Then rocked his world.

I hope you and he remembered that he still got his tongue and hands to pleasure you. Heck, you could even have a round two. If he simply stopped after he came, then he hasn't showed much respect for you, has he?

Alex94xela 0

Lol ya Op should have had him eat her out

ReynshineCutting 10

A guy can only go so long after before he loses it. It doesn't have anything to do with respect.

heartless_fml 6

That really depends on the guy.

KiMMieBeAr17 0

It doesn't have to do with respect..

Granted we don't know all of the extenuating circumstances, but based on 11's post... the disrespect is not about his duration, it's about his consideration AFTER-the-fact. If after orgasm it's game-over, then yes, that is actually disrespecting his lover in the sense that he holds no consideration regarding what the experience was for her. Within context of defined parameters, 11's post was accurate.

maybe you should help hm get it on...with your mouth..

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Yeah, and make him cum even faster.