By Anonymous - 13/09/2011 05:53 - United States

Today, I received a rejection letter from a college that I'd applied to 6 years ago. FML
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I guess the "better late than never" thing doesn't apply here...

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Hopefully you have done something with your life in the meantime. If not, Of course I would like fries with my order.


I guess the "better late than never" thing doesn't apply here...

leadman1989 15

I hope op has a sense of humor about this college thing. Humor... College... Humor? College? COLLEGE HUMOR!!! :)

rexgar2000 10

so they prob didn't care much about your application and they forgot about you?

It took then a long time deciding, obviously they were deadlocked.

It's better then if you were cleared to go to that college and got a bill

fakeaccountX 6

But it doesn't matter, right? 6 years is plenty of time for you to get into a different college AND graduate, right?

Would have been funnier if they accepted you.

well atleast you know that they didnt ignore you :)

Better still, they lost op's application and just found it when they were rearranging the place. Figured they aught to send SOMETHING. Shoulda checked the date first.

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thats weird i wonder why it took so long for them to send you the letter

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Hopefully you applied to more than one!

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Then you notice you spelled your name wrong. FYL.

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I really hate people who say "smh".

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Dont fret over it Op, I say you're better off, if it takes a college that long to get back to you, then their not worth it.

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but think how long they needed to decide - at least it wasn't obviously rejectable

This isn't really an fml, you surely weren't hanging on that long