By anon - 31/08/2014 15:14 - United States

Today, while finally about to make love with my long-term boyfriend, he came from putting a condom on. FML
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baby steps are crucial when it's the 1st time

The condom is an anti-baby step.


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Seems he was really excited. Take it as a compliment, OP.

Looks like he don't wanna waste any time not even to put a condom.

Reminds me of Raj from the Big Bang theory.

Took me 5 minutes to understand this FML... He came as in orgasmed.. Not he just came from putting one on

nothing gets past you, #97

baby steps are crucial when it's the 1st time

The condom is an anti-baby step.

a slow clap for #29!

shows he hasn't been getting laid..committed!

Somebody was too excited.

Doesn't mean you can't still have a go!

That comment screams virgin.

It is possible to have sex more than one time in a day you know...

13- why so negative about virgins?

13- Your comment screams ignorant asshole. People can go more than 1 round.

Round two still counts!

He'd have to use a new condom.

Ordinarily I'd agree, but you want your first time to have some romance.

The 2nd time will last longer if he does it soon after

Guy needs to wait like 20 minutes

Refractory (im 63.2% certain thats the word) period is different for all men, some have one thats only a couple minutes, others could be hours

Round Two: Fight!

That's a good thing, right? He should be able to "marathon pound" for a while now?

This should be his FML. He probably felt embarrassed af

I would, seriously there is nothing worse than being a disappointment in bed.

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Holy shit you're vain #73

I think he got a lucky escape... sex should be trusting and you should have been understanding.

Well, at least you don't have to worry him not coming

Feels like you missed a word there.

I meant worry about him

-1 pump chump?

When does the clock start ticking for the title of a 30-Second Man? When the raincoat has been removed from the package or when the little jimmy hat is fully in place?

use of helmet is a wise decision to prevent serious injuries