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  starman02  |  12

That really sucks OP, especially that being your first time. If it helps, most first times are nothing to brag about! I agree more foreplay, the sex might be more enjoyable for you!


Op may be unfortunate enough to have a small amount of nerve endings where it counts hence making things less pleasurable. Or her boyfriend needs to learn more about anatomy and stimulation. A larger probe helps too.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Well I guess it's better to feel nothing than to feel a lot of pain. I know girls who said they were left bleeding and sore for a couple of days after their first time.

  Sydney92  |  3

agreed. more foreplay might help. but you could consider yourself lucky, OP. I hated m first time. It was so painful. I bled quite a bit, and was sore for days

  saricaste  |  21

It's not supposed to hurt, stop spreading this misinformation, everyone. It only hurts if she's too nervous and, thus, probably shouldn't be having sex, or if she has vaginismus, and, thus, probably shouldn't be having sex. If it hurts, get back to foreplay, and try again afterwards.

By  eclipse98  |  5

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By  chilena2020  |  4

The first time is never great. But sounds like u need a man with a little more to " offer". Better luck next time

  wildsweetchild  |  19

I'd say it depends. Not every girl is in pain, things are different when the guy takes time and actually knows what he's doing. With lots of care, love and all that I've listed above the first time can be truly beautiful, pleasurable and very memorable.

  xxdark  |  3

#113 speaks the truth. I've heard horror stories of first times, but mine was perfect. No pain, incredible amounts of pleasure and lots of love and devotion. I think you just have to be very ready and not rush yourself or be impatient for your first time. It should be special!


Length actually doesn't matter all that much because the vagina only has pleasure receptors up to 4 inches deep (which is about avg penis size). What actually does make a difference is girth.