By Randy - 13/09/2011 02:15 - United States

Today, I got home from work to find my wife asleep in her easy chair with my two year old son asleep in a pile of torn-up paper. I soon found out it was my 1960s collection of a Superman comic book series that I inherited from my dad. It was worth well over $2,000. FML
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He doesn't have a bed to sleep in? Why is he sleeping on that comic?!?

indielove 13

Cheaper than diapers, just put 'em on a bed of shredded paper.

enonymous 8

If your son could talk he'd say: " U mad bro? Well come at me then. " then he'd piss on you

YourEvilHero 12

better tell your wife that she better get out there and start working that street corner...

What the hell was she doing out of the kitchen.

To all you idiots that are blah-blahing about the wife.. What about this dude not having them in a safe place. I bet they were in a milk carton by the freaking couch.

**** it just go to the saving and buy a motorcycle :-)

monkeys1315 0

Yeah you need to keep all valuable items away from a two year old

When will people learn that you can't have nice things and children. My favorite are the posts about kids breaking new flat screen tvs.

itsame0987 18

Op you completely deserve it. Maybe losing those comics will teach you to keep your valuables up where your 2 year old can't get to them. You are the only one to blame not your wife.. Sorry

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Judging from the fact she was asleep in a chair, I would guess her excuse was she was tired and fell asleep? Although I'm not certain.

indielove 13

When you're watching a two year old, all your energy is wiped out quickly.

leadman1989 15

So her excuse is being a terrible mother? (in this instance) Luckily the kid didn't get their hands on something more dangerous. If you're watching a kid you're responsible for everything that happens during that time.

indielove 13

35-it's exhausting watching after a 2 year old. What probably happened was she put the kid to sleep with her, and the kid wakes up and she's too knocked out to realize.

I doubt she put the kid to sleep with her if she's sleeping in her easy chair. But you're right, kids do wake up. I know a ex-coworker with a pool that fell asleep with a three year old. Need I say more?

leadman1989 15

Great, it's still dangerous for that kid to be unsupervised. If she knows its too "exhausting" for her alone she should get some help either from friends, family, or professional. Because it's not an FML when the kid pulls the vase down on themselves.

You just love thinking very negatively don't ya?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Seriously, have any of you ever had a kid and were the only one taking care of it? If you answer no, then your opinion is invalid. Good day to you all.

krazy_glu3 0

I'm a stay at home mom with two boys, 17 months and 2 1/2 yrs old. You have NO idea how exhausting it is. Anybody who doesn't have kids can't talk. Because she fell asleep doesn't mean she's a bad mom, it means she was worn out and sleepy. I've woken up to my 2 yr old having destroyed my bedroom. His toys were everywhere, my socks and underwear were everywhere, and even rolled my side table away from my bed. It's amazing what kids can do in such short amount of time.

Calikid330 0

Abviously not exhausting enough if you have time to be on here and comment...jk

Vpedraza90 0

I agree with you. I have a 2 yr old and with in 5 min. she destroys my bedroom as well.. Either that or wakes up her 1 yr old sister.

Vpedraza90 0

I agree with you.. Only a person which is either a stay at home mom or dad can really comment. And that still doesnt give us the right to judge. Kids will be kids.. I know my two yr old is a handfull.. Power to us home moms.. Men think work is harder than staying at home they are completely

saraitkddh 47

if the comics were this much valuable OP shouldn't have left them in a place easy to reach

slushpup9696 12

man, that sucks... Good teamwork, 5.

I think OP should team up with lex luthor and throw kryptonite bricks at them that will show em'

MasterE56 4

at least it wasn't aqua man! ;) haha

kings1fan 6

That's sounds like expensive sheeting!

kings1fan 6

OH NO I just realized I misspelled in my comment above! What are they going to do to me!!!

Yeah, because the child is clearly to blame here. Are you slow?

spd2fst4u 5

He is talking about the one who is in charge. It's the females fault. She was looking after the kid and fell asleep on the job. She should be stoned by a lot of people.

Stiggy626 25

Thanks for grasping the simple concept of sarcasm :)

Maybe u should have hidden it away better. Tut tut

aeshleyrose 6

Right? Unless she's retarded I'm guessing the wife didn't give them to the kid. So essentially OP left a stack of valuable, inherited comic books where a two year old could get to them. Great job, dipshit OP.

m22100 14

Obviously you don't have kids. They find a way to anything and everything.

Geneside 8
AssassinJr 0

So they will accedently kill theirselves?

Yupp, that'll teach little Timmy to stay out of daddies safe. But on a gun related note, my dads friend got mugged on the way out of an NRA meeting. Needless to say, a .357 mag will scare most thieves.

perdix 29

You ought to give your lazy wife a punch in the Clark Kunt!

leadman1989 15

When I first read your comment I read it as "I wish I were as shitty as you" I was like WTF? :p

What!? that's not what I put?? Major typo then!

Haha, he meant that he read your comment wrongly the first time. ;)