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By le_evan - 29/10/2012 20:49 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I had sex with this guy I had been crushing on for five years. It took longer to put my clothes back on than he lasted. FML
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Relationships are built on more than sex. You might need to reevaluate your attraction to him.

I'm not sure if he lasted for a couple of seconds, or if you wear an astronaut suit every day.


That's why you don't put people on a pedestal.

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5 years worth of fantasizing about someone... Maybe her expectations were built up too high in all these years. Could be a possibility..

Probably been awhile in which time he has also been crushing on her and building her up. Next time, cuddle up for awhile and let him recoup, then start kissing gently, building up, wandering hands, etc and the second time should last a lot longer unless his name is Jim and you are Nadia(?names?).

Or it's just one of those days. Some times ill only last a few minutes and somedays I just can't cum for an hour or more and just go until it hurts the girl too much. There are so many factors that cum into this whole cumming business. Maybe the dude was just having a good day?

I'm tired of the belief men are suppose to be sex demons. Average man lasts 2-7 minutes. Suck it up.

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Stop wearing so many damn clothes

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Or OP could be immensely hot. At least, that's what guys say.

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73- 2 to 7 minutes? The average man is doing something wrong.

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Guess who is above average :D

That's what I was thinking, 1. My boyfriend probably lasted about a minute our first time, but he hadn't had sex in about a year. Now he lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. And the same thing happened with my ex when I got back from boot camp. This COULD be a good thing, OP. It likely means he doesn't sleep around. You don't want to date a ****, do you?

#107 You need to stop watching **** and listening to bullshit. Come back to the real world and realise that men don't last hours upon hours, we all have pours, womens breasts aren't naturally as large and perky as they are in pornos.

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141- I don't watch **** and I don't listen to bullshit. I'm not an idiot. I'm not saying that men should last hours upon hours. How stupid do you think I am? I know everyone is different but 15 - 30 minutes is what I think to be a regular amount of time. It's great if some women and men can get off in 2-7 minutes. Whatever. Maybe I've just been lucky to have a guy that is considerate and takes his time.

What you think to be the regular amount of time? Well now, let me see, you would only know the 'regular', or in other words, average time of men if you had slept with the majority of the men on the planet. Something you wish to tell us? Hmm?

redmane 21

147- Let me restate. It is what I think SHOULD be the amount of time. I'm not denying that 2-7 is the average. I've had 2 long term boyfriends. I'm not an expert, nor did I claim to be. The current one is one I'd wish to keep. I'm no ****. Obviously, you don't have to be a **** to have sex. Other commenters have stated the average amount of time, getting their facts from, I don't know, studies that come from journals in the internet maybe? Brown university did one. I'm just saying that the average should be higher. Sex is good. Therefore, more sex is even better. But thanks for drawing a completely inaccurate conclusion from that one little comment.

Totally, don't sweat it. Keep at it and he will get better. We can't all be studs right out of the gate.

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Take charge. Use a phrase like "Now that we got the first one out of the way..." Then get him a new condom and keep him aroused. You'll get a lot more playtime the second time around and he'll probably think you're awesome

U have to build up a ig tolerance again to be able to last longer after a while. Lol good luck op

Relationships are built on more than sex. You might need to reevaluate your attraction to him.

Right. If you love someone, something like this shouldn't matter. Especially if it was a five-year crush. Seriously?

12: Crushes are all about false impressions. OP had a false impression for five years that this guy would be fun in bed. That turned out not to be the case.

What I mean is, it shouldn't matter how 'great in bed' someone is anyways. It's not all about that.

She may still like him but she's just disappointed with his performance.

Who said anything about relationships?

Sex isn't everything, but it is an important element.

People who talk about sex not being important, aren't having sex. If the sex is really really bad, the relationship won't last no matter how much the people really like each other. Reason being someone will eventually cheat. Anyone who calls me out with an example of a sexless or bad sex relationship of over a year is being cheated on.

I don't care if I love him to death. If he can't satisfy you there's no point in staying, don't settle. You need to find someone who not only satisfies you out of bed; butt in it as well.

93 - I've been with my fiancé two years and we've never had sex. Neither of us has a discernible sex drive, though we enjoy watching **** together. My parents are together and love each other and haven't had sex in six years. Neither of them have ever cheated (trust me, there are no secrets in my family. We all know WAY too much about each other).

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But if you don't have a good sex life with someone, it's proven to cause frustration & resentment. So you have to have a good sex life to keep a balanced relationship.

95, I'm sorry but in all honesty that just sounds unpleasant.

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96 - What about asexuals? We can have sexless romantic relationships and be perfectly content, just saying.

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To elaborate on what 102 said, I once read about an asexual couple who never had sex. They just cuddled. Which to me is just adorable.

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I agree that having sex is a healthy part of a relationship but I don't think sex should determine whether you stay with a person or not because sex can be improved upon. 95, I'm not sure what you hoped to accomplish by writing that since that is a rare example. In my opinion, sex is normal and healthy. It's not an "icky" taboo thing. Its actually rather fun when you're committed to someone. I've been with my bf for 4 years and nothing beats waking up on Monday morning with a good dose of morning sex to get the endorphins kicking. You're missing out ... but to each his own.

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As *crazy* as this sounds, some people still like to wait until marriage to have sex, me and my boyfriend of almost 4 years being 2 of those people. I agree that while I'm sure a good sex life is important in marriage, I assure you it's not the only thing that matters. Maybe when me and my boyfriend get married we will have horrible chemistry in bed...won't know until it happens. Doesn't matter. Point is you can have a long, fabulous relationship with someone WITHOUT the sex!

You are incredibly wrong. If two people truly love each other, bad sex will not get in the way of their relationship.

Instead if all these assumptions, maybe the guy had a crush on her too and has been waiting for this moment for 5 years. And it is no secret if a guy has been waiting that long, to sexually be with his crush/date/girlfriend or whomever, that most likely he will ****** very quickly. OP, give your crush a chance. This could easily be that he was overly excited, which you should take as a compliment.

128 and some of us never intend on getting married. To each their own. I find your self control amazing though.

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153, I find the boy's dedications to be worth an applaud. I don't know anyone who is in a relationship for that long and hasn't had sex yet. if you have to force yourself to not have have sex because of moral or religious reasons then I believe it's wrong. It's just a biological function, except it's one of the more complex one which requires more careful evaluation. If you're with someone for 4 years and the thought of having sex has never bothered either of you then that's fine. Odd but still fine.

124 - I gave two examples (so four people) from my family alone, so it obviously isn't that "rare". Nor am I (or my parents) prudes or consider it "taboo" (where the hell did you get that out of what I wrote?). My fiancé and I simply have no sex drive. We get no pleasure from it and have no real desire for it. An asexual commented not long after me, so apparently, once again, it is not that "rare".

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I think most of you are generalizing too much. Some people value sex more than others. Personally, if I don't have any kind of chemistry with someone in bed, it does affect the relationship. I find that connection to be an incredibly important one. However, others don't feel that way. They wait until marriage or something of the sort, and that's fine. Perfectly fine. Everyone's definition of a relationship is different, and everyone makes them work in different sorts of ways.

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No it isn't it is to keep an attraction alive but a relationship is built off common ground that the 2 people have.

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Handcuffs are just kinky, they don't make guys last longer in bed.

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But they will keep her around for round 2... I mean, uhmm, yeah, what he said.

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Some guys can't help it, I'm sure he feels even worse about it than you do

It shouldn't be over then. He should work on helping her since he couldn't control it for long. Guys get off and girls are left disappointed. The man shouldn't let her leave that way.

"Guys get off and girls are left disappointed". It's foolish to generalize the whole male population. I can assure you that many of us "guys" would prefer to get the girl off first.

"Was that as good for you as it was for me?"

You're right. I should have been more clear. This guy clearly left her unsatisfied so "this guy got off and left her disappointed. He shouldn't have left her that way."

Yep 4, I'm one of "those guys." I don't have sex very often, so by the time I do, its like "OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!!!!" What seperates a guy who finishes too quickly from a complete jackass is making sure to spend other time getting her off, or upfront, suggesting a second round. My partner probably has 3-4 orgasms to my 1

If I was him, I would have continued with my mouth.

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Sorry to spoil your blamefest, girls, but I'm not sure that 'le_evan' is a woman. If OP's a gay bottom, there's not much of a replacement for getting ******. But he should give this guy another chance if he's worth crushing on for five years.

Funny, if a girl cums really quick, no one has an issue. But if a guy does this then there a problems left, right and centre.

If a girl orgasms, she can still continue, while a man might have trouble continuing because most of the time, he "softens". That's why if a woman finishes early it's not that bad. Of course both parties should focus on satisfying their partners and not just themselves.

65, The OP could be a girl and she could have used his name. I believe in French, "le" means "the". So maybe, "The Evan" is what the girl is calling the situation, after her crush's real name. And, OP is a boy, who really cares?

23, My guy makes it about satisfying me first every time. Gives him gratification and makes him perform better. Basically, I concur. But, younger men who are new to sex, usually do make it about themselves (not all but most).

Correction: if OP is a boy, who really cares?

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Evan Rachel Wood from the movie "Across the Universe" is a woman. It still doesn't matter if OP is a man or a women, but "Evan" is a unisex name.

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That's fukd up haha u like the taste of ur own **** do ya

What has that got to do with anything 157???

I'm not sure if he lasted for a couple of seconds, or if you wear an astronaut suit every day.

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Ok you just made me wonder what sex in space would feel like..

StalkerChick 13

Sex in space would feel the same as on earth. Friction would still exist.

But you could do it UPSIDE-*******-DOWN

You would ride from underneath. Your mind would be blown more than you would just thinking about it.

What I don't understand... is why it took her 5 years to hook up with the dude. Ladies - If you are interested in a guy, present the goods, and leave the rest to the men.

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Next time, before you think he's about to cum, yell out 'YOUR MOM!' that should slow things up a bit.

Maybe he was too excited that he came quick...

Duckfaces on FML? What is the world coming to...

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Duck hunting season can't get here soon enough.

Bang*.......oh shit it's not duck season yet oops my bad.

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It's duck hunting season in Minnesota and the US.

I'm surprised. Ducks migrate south for the winter. Go catch up with them.

You make it sound like Minnesota isn't part of the US...

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