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You know Vagnias are suppose to "loosen up" when they are turned on right.. But they shrink right back down when they aren't

If you have never turned on a woman.. then I see why you are the way you are.

  joonsson  |  20

All it takes is 8cm to have sex, the normal vagina is very adaptable and studies have shown girth is more important than length, except to other guys which is pretty gay.

If OP couldn’t even feel it he’s either got a micropenis, less than 8cm, in which case there are plenty of other fun stuff you Candi in the bedroom or she’s got herself a hallway.

Plus, the vagina can be tightened with excessive if you do have yourself a hallway.

  Selene1090  |  26

Wow, sounds like someone is a bit insecure.
By the way, vaginas go back to size, they aren't playdoh. You would know that if you had actually been with a woman.

  EmDizzle2007  |  28

I love how this comment has soooo many thumbs down for proposing the idea that she may simply have a loose vagina... all the while she's here complaining about the size of his penis.

  Suaria  |  37

Well the fact is vaginas go back to their normal size no matter how many people you've had sex with. If vaginas got looser depending on how many people you've had sex with that would mean it would never go back to normal size after having a baby. So it is much more of a logical and factual explanation that the person OP had sex with has a small penis than her vagina being too loose.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19


  Selene1090  |  26

Why are there so many insecure guys on this thread?
Small dicks are only a problem because you make it one. Get good with your tongue or your hands and most girls won't care.

  Mungolikecandy  |  19

Why the racism?

By  Nathan Cullins  |  1

Should have asked, in where??!