By Rory - 23/07/2009 04:26 - United States

Today, I got very dressed up and was excited for my uncle's wedding. While standing in line for photos, I heard my dad's voice from behind me say "Who's the hot chick in the brown dress?" My uncle responds "Uh, that's your daughter." Silence. FML
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I'm sorry but that is too funny


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hey, at least someone thinks you're hot

HAHA now u kno were to go when u feel lonely :)

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watch out for your dad ;) xD

THAT IS CREEPY AS SHIT. It's even more creepy than waking up and seeing Ryan Seacrest standing there and staring at you. In a dress.

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slushpup9696 12

comments are funnier than the actual FML

they combined the words win and incest dumb shit. learn the language then be an annoying ****.

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164 - I'm pretty sure you got it wring as 'wincest' is the combination if win and incest.

#176 The only thing that is 'wring' here is your lack of brain.

176, wincest is a Tumblr thing from Supernatural that means the two brothers with the last name Winchester are shipped together

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I'm sorry but that is too funny

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Awwwkkward! Lol so hilariously funny!!

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that's what i'm saying. FHL for making a dumbshit comment AND not recognizing his own daughter.

I think your dad works for pedo bear...

Her back could have been towards him or she looked a lot different.

.... I can smell the creepy halfway across the country, Rory.