By Rory - 23/07/2009 04:26 - United States

Today, I got very dressed up and was excited for my uncle's wedding. While standing in line for photos, I heard my dad's voice from behind me say "Who's the hot chick in the brown dress?" My uncle responds "Uh, that's your daughter." Silence. FML
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I think you're allowed to do that.

I'm sorry but that is too funny


I think you're allowed to do that.

Still disturbing...

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akward turtleee!!!!!!

hey, at least someone thinks you're hot

Giggity giggity incest giggity.

HAHA now u kno were to go when u feel lonely :)

watch out for your dad ;) xD

THAT IS CREEPY AS SHIT. It's even more creepy than waking up and seeing Ryan Seacrest standing there and staring at you. In a dress.

that what I thought too lol ^

at least ur hot

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164 fails at being a troll

comments are funnier than the actual FML

they combined the words win and incest dumb shit. learn the language then be an annoying fuck.

164 - I'm pretty sure you got it wring as 'wincest' is the combination if win and incest.

disturbing indeed...

#176 The only thing that is 'wring' here is your lack of brain.

176, wincest is a Tumblr thing from Supernatural that means the two brothers with the last name Winchester are shipped together

I'm sorry but that is too funny

agreed, so much. haha

Awwwkkward! Lol so hilariously funny!!

hahahah oh thats awkward

All Alabama weddings are awkward...

that's what i'm saying. FHL for making a dumbshit comment AND not recognizing his own daughter.

I think your dad works for pedo bear...

Her back could have been towards him or she looked a lot different.

.... I can smell the creepy halfway across the country, Rory.

hahahahahahah,INCEST ;)

You mean...... WINcest :D

More like WINCEst. >.

incest. the game the whole family an play!

haha Wow, that's epic!!

dayyum! thats just eww!