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Today, I felt frisky, so I did my hair and put on make-up and some lingerie. I walked into the living room, where my husband was playing a video game. He glanced up, said, "Oh, for fuck's sake." and made me wait nearly 15 minutes for him to reach a save-game point. FML
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nightowl713 25

I would have walked right back out and changed into the least sexy thing I owned. And when he was ready Id be reading a book!

Getting to the save spot is pretty essential for gamers... If you waited for him you're an amazing wife!


nightowl713 25

I would have walked right back out and changed into the least sexy thing I owned. And when he was ready Id be reading a book!

This is what 4 billion years of evolutionary success has become.

That's a much better and more effective response than throwing a tantrum or crying.

Because everytime your man wants sex you drop what you're doing right?

Would that title be 50 shades of gray?

OPs ******: definitely not as good as Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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Meh.. So it's ok for you girls to lie about having headaches, fake sleep, and the list goes on but a guy says give me 15 minutes and he's a world class asshole? Give me a break and get over it lmao

Guys, it's not so much that he wasn't in the mood at that moment or that he wasn't spontaneously aroused by her mere presence, it was the particular way he reacted. She took time and effort to make herself beautiful for him, and he responds by getting ticked off and acting like making love to his wife is a chore. That's a lot more hurtful than faking a headache. At least that's an attempt to spare your partner's feelings. This ass hole just doesn't give a shit about his wife's feelings, and that's a huge turn off. I think I'd rather get comfy and read a book than have sex with someone who not only doesn't want to have sex with me, but also openly insults me.

X_Codes 11

@109 - Yes, much better to just lie and say you have a headache. Then their feelings are spared, since they don't actually know how little respect you have for them and their intelligence. Or maybe you shouldn't over-analyze the things men say.

v1kt4r 13

Yeah this was more about her happiness than his. He seemed pretty content playing the game as is evidenced by his reluctance and frustration when she showed up all distracting him n shit...

Don't be so melodramatic, 113. Like you've never lied to spare someone's feelings. And I didn't say faking a headache was the best way to turn down sex, or even that it was acceptable. I just said that it's not as bad as getting all pissy because your wife put on some makeup and lingerie.

I drop everything I'm doing and have sex with my boyfriend... Even when I'm playing borderlands 2 or darksiders 1&2... And so does he. I don't see how people let games take over their lives, who cares if he hasn't reached a save point, it's called pausing and giving your spouse the reaming of her/his life and returning after post-sex cuddling.

Okay, let's put it this way: What if you were feeling romantic, so you bought your wife some roses, groomed yourself very neatly, and put on your most dashing suit. Then when you approached your wife inviting her to spend a lovely evening with you out on the town, she simply said, "For ****'s sake!" and made you wait while she finished reading that chapter of "Fifty Shades of Grey?" Wouldn't you feel at least a little insulted and unappreciated? Do you think you'd want to make another romantic gesture any time soon? Would you still be feeling romantic after that response from your wife? Hmmmm?

I think the comment he made wasn't cause he saw it as a chore. He probably referring to the poor timing of not having a save point on hand

If you have sex with someone who doesn't want to have sex with you, it is considered rape.

I don't see how people let sex take over their lives, who cares if she hasn't reached an ******.

Why is that worse than faking a headache? Can't you just say you're not in the mood? He was a lot more honest here than the headache fakers of the world. Sex isn't an obligation.

He didn't get pissy. And as I understand it only 15 minutes later she got laid. Is the "headache" gone after 15 minutes?

ckyorelse 18

He was only upset because of the poor timing. You women are reading into his reaction too much

Saying, "Oh, for ****'s sake" seems pretty pissy to me. It's like he belittled his wife's attempt to look sexy for her husband. Had he said something like, aw, you look nice, honey, give me a few minutes, that would have been far more acceptable. OP might want to get a battery operated boyfriend for the times her husband is too busy playing his games.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Find me one man on this planet who is going to say 'Aw hunny you look nice. Give me a few minutes.' Women, get over yourselves. I am a woman and think you're all being ridiculous. If the only time she cares about looking good for her husband is when SHE feels frisky, she deserves it anyway. I bet you've all denied a man sex or made him wait because you were busy with something. I hate comments like this but if this fml had reverse genders the comments would be totally different about how you have to respect a woman and not just expect her to put out instantly because the guy wants it.

asnakelovinbabe 16

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asnakelovinbabe 16

Hey 178, really? Who cares if she doesn't ******? How would you feel if you were having sex and the woman climaxed 4 times and then hopped off, leaving you with nothing but a gigantic boner? Sex is an essential part of a relationship, and GOOD sex makes you both happier people. Sex isn't just for a man.

195, if you can't find one man who will actually compliment you when you've put effort into looking good for him, then I feel really sorry for you.

THANK YOU #195!!! Truth, at last. If the roles had indeed been reversed, all you women would be complaining how he was a dick for asking her to drop what she was doing and have sex with him. Men can NEVER win when it comes to sex, and its ridiculous.

asnakelovinbabe 16

Some of you gals act as if ALL of us women are the "wahhhh I have a headache" type. It's girls like that that give all of us a bad name. Some of us actually LOVE sex and take it every chance we get.

lol, wow! you girls are out of control. Crazy ass hoes reading way to much into his statement. Dude was clearly saying that about the situation and NOT his girlfriend. Smh, yes please do go read a book maybe then you'll understand the world does not revolve around you! Save the drama for your dumb ass tv shows

ranko77 1

Sorry if this comes as news to you but if a girl/woman claims to be "tired" or "sleepy" its most likely because you're a bad lay!

he would then continue to play video games

@195, you make some good points, but I have to disagree with you on your opening statement. My husband is one such man who has stopped whatever he's in the middle of doing to compliment me if I've gone out of my way to look good for him, and whether it's video games or not, he stops and we get busy. And actually, he has turned me down for sex. I can honestly say I have never turned him down - if I don't feel like having sex, I give him a ******* or at the very least a hand job. I really feel strongly about a woman meeting her man's sexual needs, so he has no ******* excuse for stepping out on her. If he still steps out on her, then she is rightfully in the clear to kick his ass to the curb. In the OP's case, I honestly can't tell if he was upset with her for interrupting his game, but more than likely her timing sucked. He could have been playing a shooting game or something where he couldn't just stop. And when a guy is agitated in a game, he is agitated in his behavior and that can seem to be directed at her. So I don't really think taking sides on this one is in order without knowing what really happened.

People these days, putting games over loved ones.

On the plus side she knows he's very dedicated, unfortunately not to her.

RpiesSPIES 27

#2 I say this as a gamer whom has never had a GF (I'll be bombed but idc :P ) He did not exactly put games before her. He put games before her wants. Who knows what game he's been playing, for all we know it could've been a classic, like Final Fantasy 7-9, or something else difficult to complete, like many single player games out, today. Now if it was something actually IMPORTANT, like trying for a kid or and injury of some sort, he was dead in the wrong. If not, no reason for her to get upset. If he's a dedicated gamer she could even do/wear some *other stuff* to make him react quicker. I say YDI.

He held off on sex for 15 minutes, not let his wife get killed because he wanted to keep playing video games instead of saving her. Everyone has a hard time detaching themselves from some activity they enjoy, and especially if there's a goal to get to before you can stop, such as a save point in a video game.

52, as a gamer you should know of this little thing called the pause button.

Well, did you know, many games dont have a pause button ?

Not very many games with specific 'save locations' don't have pause buttons or menus that put the game in stasis. ****, a lot of console games automatically pause if the controller comes unplugged/fails to have batteries anymore. It's not a particularly good excuse, at any rate.

My boyfriend is a gamer but he knows when to step away. He came home to me dressed up in some lingerie and he wanted me before opening the gifts I got him. Mind you, I'm 4 days away from being 28 weeks pregnant. One of his gifts was a game. He never even played any games tonight and we have my original Nintendo, with both controls and a working gun. Plus, we have a lot of games to choose from. If a guy chooses a game over some sex, he's an idiot. I see a reference to Final Fantasy 7-9 games in this thread and my boyfriend has both on his phone. He can pause the game at a moment's notice (we take a lot of ER trips and if I'm knocked out, the doctors and nurses talk to him which requires him to immediately pause his game). There are no excuses not to pause a game over sex. If the gamer is too dumb to save as he/she goes along each level, it's their fault.

This post said he had to find a save point right? So doesn't that mean he can pause the game as well? He could of paused and started getting it on with his wife. But noooo, he wanted to find a save point first.

Thank you, 141. My point exactly! Almost every gamer I've ever known or dated chose gaming over anything else, including sex.

Keattles 14

"As a gamer," what if he was playing an online game?? He can't pause those.

106- If he's playing an online game, then yes, there wouldn't be a pause option; if he's looking for a save point, that would denote that he's on an offline game and therefore fully able to pause it and come back to it when he's ready to play some more. I have no idea what games you're talking about.

141, you have got to be kidding me. All of you in fact. You guys read to much in between the lines. 15 minutes. Really? Just 15 minutes and all of you are crying about how he doesn't respect her and he doesn't deserve her. Come on guys. The FML community knows better. And for the "For ***** sake" we don't know the circumstances. For all you know he could have been talking about how there wasn't a save point. And for those saying "Duh pause button" some systems are set to automatically turn off after dormant for a set period of time.

Online play typically won't let you pause. Single-player campaigns will. If he was playing a single-player game, there are probably no excuses. However, both variables in this equation are wrong; you can't expect the dude to drop everything at a moment's notice because you want something, and his manner of reaction was probably not proper, either.

RpiesSPIES 27

Sure games have a pause button, but not all can be paused, like Digital Devil Saga (ps2) or Phantasy Star Online. Sometimes there's a fear that something could happen that would potentially screw up your data, like a power outage. There's always something that could pop up that could ruin potentially 30min of progress. 15min really isn't that long, though. Not to mention she said 'nearly.' Not enough info for a definite analysis but instinct drives the replies. I spoke too long.

That is what is wrong with society today. "Might lose 30 minutes of progress" in a digital world which gives a false sense of accomplishment when you "win" over the person you promised to love & cherish.

When man who stops playing a video game for a woman, it means he loves you more than anything. You should feel lucky OP.

I think you missed the part where he made her wait fifteen minutes..

Either way.. He stopped. Anyone else who is a video game avid would have continued playing.

You think so? I feel like most people would stop to have sex, or at least I would. Who knows? Maybe times have changed.

Why couldn't he just pause the game?

Unfortunately it isn't that simple. This man had sex and videogames on his mind. Any amount of thinking could result in the explosion of his noggin.

I guess men aren't capable of ever thinking about anything then.

**WOOOOSH***.... the joke just flew over all of your heads...

It's a quote. Basically 123 is ripping off one of the teenpost site. Originally it's "If a boy pauses his video game to text you back, Marry Him." However it's not applicable to this situation, genius.

87-Wondering the same thing...anything online likely wouldn't have a save point, and nearly all other games ever since 2000 can pause.

At least he stopped eventually. It could have been worse.

He could've made you suck his dick while he continued playing...

I'm getting down voted, but that's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Lets be honest, if he could suck his own dick, he wouldn't be married.

Getting to the save spot is pretty essential for gamers... If you waited for him you're an amazing wife!

I thought that the "Oh, for ****'s sake" was him thinking "Oh crap, my wife is looking so damn hot right now, but I haven't gotten to this save point yet, I need to finish this!" Gamer life problems.

#54 that's what I was thinking! Well, that and OP shouldn't expect him to drop what he is doing just to do what she wants. What ever happened to communication? "Honey, I'm going to go put something sexy on, will you be done soon?" I promise he would have found that save point a lot faster.

I thought the "oh for ****'s sake" was more him thinking "ugh, not this again, can't you see I'm busy? Fine. Hold on." I'm no gamer, but can't you just pause?

jem970 19

Call me crazy but I believe he was a bit of a douche. I read it as "oh not this again! Cant you see im busy? Oh for the love of wait a minute and just stand there!" She made the effort and im sure she was wanting to please him as well and not just herself. Call me crazy.

LuckBeNimble 19

74: right, but just like someone said earlier (for the sake of all the "progressives" out there) had it been the other way around, nobody would bat an eyelash. call me crazy, but rarely have I heard of a dude walking stark naked into a room to seduce his wife and she'll instantly drop everything she's doing to have sex with him.

I'm OCD about my games - if I know I'm going to be away for awhile the pause button is NOT sufficient. Not to, mention some consoles shut off if you're away for over an hour or so. He would have lost everything if the wife was looking for foreplay too. In regards to the "oh for ***** sake" he probably hit a perfectly good save point 5 minutes ago, did some wicked hard achievement and then the wife popped out expecting him to drop trou asap.

I wouldn’t call her amazing if she waited for him, but a push over with a low self-confidence. The guy has nothing better to say than “For **** sake” when he sees his wife making an effort to be sexy, as if making love to her was a boring chore. It’s downright insulting. I’d have been so angry and hurt if I was her and he sure as hell would not have gotten any in a long time without a proper and sincere apology. OP, you really need to make yourself respected. Your husband’s attitude is unacceptable.

I have no/ never heard of any consoles that turn off after an hour of being away that is just ridiculous.

I believe that there is a setting that if the console hasn't been in use for a while then it turns off. Just like with a lap top.

brad42013 3

So true man. I know it's not a big deal but not reaching that save point is essential just cause its one of those little things that can ruin your whole ******* day if it goes wrong

Doesn't matter had... Jk. Next time you should rip the plug out.

Lionesse 15

Even I wouldn't dare do that, and I can be a bitch. Why start another argument? We all know that some guys take their video games seriously and pulling the plug on them can potentially start WW3

Nummer 6, Next time you should try and talk to your man and explain why hurt your feelings, and not act like a five year old om à suger rush...

Ps. ******* autocorrect, stupid swedish, now the grammer nazis will kill me :S. Ds.

What videogame console has a joystick these days? I doubt he was playing the Atari.....

Actually they all still have wired controllers and OP could have unplugged that. I guess the chances of OPs husband using a wired controller are slim... but still a chance. People just choose to buy the wireless ones because its more convenient. I for one, choose to buy the wired controllers because it saves money on batteries and its better for the environment!

You could just buy rechargeable batteries for your wireless controllers. Problem solved. We have rechargeables for our Wiimotes and it's great.

True, but wired controllers still saves power because you don't have to charge them :)

I did not mean the console joystick; I meant his personal "JOYSTICK"

That's awful! I hope he apologises later!

zombieslayer83 19

Screw the game, I'm screwing my wife.

"Just keep playing with your own joystick, asshole. Make your controller vibrate and shove it up your ass."

Your new profile picture makes me cringe.