By rani - 02/02/2013 22:34 - Norway - Oslo

Today, I came home in a really good mood, and I greeted my husband with a grin and a "Hi, babe!" He just muttered, "Why can't you just DIE?" and continued playing his video game. FML
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My guess is he was talking to other players. If not, pack your bags.

Don't worry, OP, intense matches of CoD can really **** people up.


My guess is he was talking to other players. If not, pack your bags.

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I get into games but I'm not so far in that I would not acknowledge my wife. Op he might have been in the game or he might want you dead . 50/50 either way. Probably best if you ask him or did a hole and show it to him and then tell him he will be taking a dirt nap if he does that again

You beat me to it: This would be my guess as well. was the first thought that popped into my mind. Also, some people do get that into their games, where they can/will ignore even their SO.

He was talking to the game, but either way it is quite annoying if someone interrupts you, even worse if they make a scene out of it.

12, if he did want to kill her she would just be digging her own grave.

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I get into my games were I ignore people , sometimes I do say stuff that is intentionally ment for the players on the other team but I sometimes say it to like my brother.

I tend to just utter lots of colorful language, in the vein of dudes like Cr1TiKaL (if you don't know who that is, then just look him up on YouTube). I usually stop short of hurling my controller through the screen. That said, I'm not really into online gaming so much. I'm stuck in the '90s or some shit.

The time where I play games online is the only time my parents will, and have, ever hear me cuss.

...well, ****. I missed the entirety of my point in commenting on this. Yeah, he was talking to/at the game. He's probably not secretly seething and plotting your gruesome murder. But it would be nice if he actually addressed you.

Yep, because saying "why don't you just die", regardless of the circumstances or tone used, is a ground for divorce.

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Yeah, ruin the T.V I watch all my shows on because my boyfriend just so happened to be using it when he got me upset.

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You do realize he could just get the system and connect it to another tv..

See that's too harsh. Just go to the breaker box and flip the breaker for that room. That'll get his attention and not destroy anything, as long as you have a UPS or a decent surge protector.

98, That can actually short circuit the console, not an electrician. But it happened to me and I would've been less pissed if someone took a bat to it :/ had to get a new one because it completely ****** over. So Never, ever pull the plug or the main switch, toss candies or Cheerios at his head. Or what my woman does is keep poking the back of my head :/ LOL

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He was talking to something in his game, I'm sure :)

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I hope so ... :S Otherwise, freaky!

Even if he wasn't I'm sure he was just kidding, I mean who actually says that to their wife and means it?!

Absolutely! It is hard to hear and acknowledge someone with both ears covered and a game blasting in your ear. I have learned to put the earphones around my neck and turn up the volume so I can hear my wife. Otherwise I would be divorced.

Don't worry, OP, intense matches of CoD can really **** people up.

Yeah those goddamn hitmarkers piss me off too

Very true, OPs boyfriend must suck if he is saying that.

Don't get me started on bf3 base trolling.

wait till the cod ptsd kicks in

BLAH BLAH BLAH call of duty BLAH BLAH BLAH battlefield BLAH BLAH I'm an expert on video games

^halo is better

One of my instructors at basic training told our flight that when he plays CoD, he does so with his Kevlar helmet on. Apparently, his wife finds this to be immature, but I find it to be awesome.

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She said husband!

#62 apparently you're a jackass too. they were relating a simple experience. gtfo if you don't wanna hear about CoD. OP, I'm sorry. that's what happens with gamers. you're in second place. hope you figure things out.

It could of been Dark Souls in which case I completely understand that game will make anyone rage.

165: Dead Space 2 is the reason my old phone has a shattered screen and a missing volume button. That game is the almost as bad.

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Would you seriously divorce your significant other because he/she'd rather play a game than say hello?

If he sacred like that all of the time, then yes.

yes he really should stop being sacred all the time....?

I meant to say "acted" stupid autocorrect

If he acted like that all the time, they probably wouldn't be married. As you should let sleeping dogs lie, you should leave gamers to game. I know I don't like being pestered while trying to play my games.

8, if he's not worth staying with over getting mad over a game than your just not worth staying with :/ I would normally apologize, but no. I say that because you would break up/divorce people for stupid reasons and just cause heartbreak.. I'm an asshole and I wouldn't even do that :/

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I'm pretty sure that he was just screaming at his video-games, not OP.

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He was probably talking to the camping noobs.

everton99 16

Fuck camping ass bitches.

I hate campers, there a pain in the ass, especially the ones with a shotgun pointing at the only entrance :/

Let's just hope he was talking to someone in the game.

I'm certain that's exactly the situation, here. OP's FML here is her hubby ignored her enthusiastic greeting, instead displaying equal enthusiasm with pwning n00bz.

I think it's ridiculous for you to take that personally. I think he needs to get a girl with some personality. So good luck with that.

Calm down. Clearly OP thought it was a little bit funny, she did post on FML.

#13 I hope that's a joke... Otherwise that's an incredibly harsh thing to say.

Lol and your bio says go away. I'm not fun at all.

"And why can't you take enzyte?"