By Anonymous - 15/02/2013 01:08 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I had to yet again explain to the guy I live with that just because you can't see dirt, it doesn't mean it's clean. And so letting his dog lick the plates is NOT the same thing as washing up. He won't listen to me, and he uses my plates. FML
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Kick him out.

That's disgusting, no-one can be that stupid.


Kick him out.

Or escalate, and wash his dishes in the toilet. That always solves everything.

As they live in the uk I'm guessing they have no say in who they live with as they live in a houseshare where they rent a room. It very common here and you have 2 choices live with it or move out.

reimichele 8

Time to kick him out. Either that or sit him down for an advanced biology lesson complete with slides.

Maybe you will bore him to death, problem solved!

That's disgusting, no-one can be that stupid.

You'd be surprised. If he has no basic hygiene for the dishes, I don't even want to know what else he doesn't wash properly...

Someone will be that stupid. Wonder what he'd say if you ask him how air exists - you can't see it, but IS there...

Check out dunning-Kruger 'syndrome'.

66 - I did. That nails it!

This doesn't surprise me one bit, tbh. Back when I was at university, one of my housemates had such bad hygiene she left her dirty plates and bowls in her room for so long that they'd go moldy and end up covered in maggots. To "clean" them, she'd put them in a garbage bag and leave them in the lounge room for someone else to put in the garbage bin. At one point I came home to find 10 bags of moldy, rotten, maggoty plates and bowls just sitting in the lounge room stinking the place up. I refused to go back to the house after it. We'd try to explain why this was disgusting, but she didn't see anything wrong with it. She genuinely thought that being so filthy was long as she put everything in a garbage bag eventually.

Get a secret stash of plates for yourself?

Imhere4fml 24

Paper plates!

Or locks for the kitchen cupboards/drawers you use, instead of buying a whole new set of dishes. Or resign yourself for as long as you have to still live with him to never, ever use any dishes without washing them first.

Slap some sense into that fool o.O LMAO

AnyaS 19

Have him read up on germs and how they normally can't be seen.

Now it's got me thinking ... I shouldn't say it, well then again I should, but ugh it's gross ... Oh well ... Someone has to ask ... Do you think he cleans his genital area with soap or ...? Gosh I'm so embarrassed that I thought that 0.o Edit: #7 beat me to it ... Sweet victory, I'm not alone!!!!!

Why is that embarrassing? It's actually a fair question. If he thinks a dog licking plates it ok, who knows how (or even IF) he washes himself. *shudders*

By his own logic, then, he shouldn't take much issue with sharing the dog's bowl and staying away from your plates.

bredahl 26

Just tell him this: That same tongue that licks those plates "clean" is the tongue that licks its junk to clean itself.

Tell him to bathe his dog with his tongue, then.