By Anonymous - 14/02/2013 21:50 - Saudi Arabia - Dammam

Today, I went to the market to buy some groceries. Before I got even half-way home, a guy stormed toward me, pulled what looked like a knife, and chased me around the block while screaming that he'd kill me for sleeping with his wife. Nope, still a 15-year-old virgin here. FML
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You say 15 year old virgin like its a bad thing...


I would suggest taking a car in bad neighborhoods. Unless that guy was just crazy, in that case I have nothing to suggest. :/

If the dude with the knife accused him of sleeping with his wife, I doubt he's a "kid"

^ Correction: it says OP is 15 years old.It's safe to say that the crazy dude with the wife and the knife was an adult.

Whichever teenager presumably slept with the crazy guys wife is pretty messed up too... But yeah, that was a bad comment I guess :P

You can't base person's age on their looks I'm 34 years old female i look like teenager

44- Your comment is absolutely hilarious when you read it in a caveman voice.

44- The claim that the guy with the knife is an adult is not based on his looks. It is based on the fact that in order for him to have a wife (be married), he needs to be at least of legal age, which makes him an adult.

At least you're safe!! Maybe avoid that area in the future, if possible :

Yeah avoid the area where he purchases food.

Hey! I found out there are multiple places to buy food in some areas! Amazing right? They said if possible to account for that possible scenario...

You say 15 year old virgin like its a bad thing...

Nowadays, kids are having sex at 13. What has our world gone to?

Note he's better than a fifteen year old virgin, he's a knife crime survivor! Maybe that will help with the virgin dilemma...

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#5, well, it is a bad thing if you are about to die for ******* a guy's wife. It's doing the time without the fun of doing the crime.

#5 Being a fifteen year old virgin is a bad thing. I remember when I was a fifteen year old virgin. Luckily, I'm a sixteen year old virgin now. Oh how times change....

23- Maybe 'doing the dame'? Although that would crush your little rhyme you have going there.

18 year old vir... Wait nope that would be a lie. (Lost it on Valentines Day 2013!)

19 year old virgin-female. I'm not saying its a bad thing though.

Well apparently there is no legal age in Saudi Arabia, you just need to be married.

#64 You say it like we should all be proud you had sex at 18...which we're not.

I lost mine at my 20 yrs old, not a big deal, really.

Am I the only one here who has lost my virginity at 14? Born in 89 first kiss at age 14, lost virginty a couple days after first kiss to a 16 yr old girl,.

That's probably what people were saying when people started having sex in their 20's... Get over yourself...

It's just a friendly warning. He is saying that, on the off chance you sleep with his wife in the future, he would kill you with a knife.

DocBastard you really went all out on your About Me.

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Misty does not have a Pikachu!

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The condoms and KY on the top of the grocery bag were a dead give away.

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So, you just did 69 and gave her anal, so you're both right.

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#30, oh, I've seen it. Trust me, I've seen it!

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As a Saudi Arabian I'm assuming you're better off as a 15 yr old virgin.