By brylynn - 26/08/2012 01:58 - United States

Today, I fainted during my sister's wedding because my dress was too tight. When I woke up, she slapped me hard across the face. Why? Because I "took all the attention away" from her. FML
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Greendaycheese 12

Slap her back, just because it's her wedding day, doesn't mean the world revolves around her...


jojimugo 20

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10- It dooooooooes that sometimessssssss

14- you should really get that fixed. Like now.

13 - OP was probably a bridesmaid and might not have had much of a choice about her dress. Or it might have been tight, but not so tight that she realized she was going to faint in it after a while (she probably wore it for a longer time during the wedding than she had before, which makes a difference.) OP's sister just sounds like an overreacting, insensitive bitch.

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just_dandy20 2

If my sister fainted I would have been worried and sad! Not upset, and slap her. And if she was okay, I'd laugh about it later.

Way I see it, 10,000 dollars on AFV. Or most memorable wedding in the family.

musicluvr2000 11

13- *face palm* ...just...never mind...

MoNnEy_MiiTE 3

Looks like your sister is like Jenna from 30 Rock. She feeds on attention. Thats for all you 30 Rock watchers:)

Greendaycheese 12

Slap her back, just because it's her wedding day, doesn't mean the world revolves around her...

iseyixes 18

The world may not revolve around her but slapping her sister back might've just turned it into a huge unnecessary cat fight...not exactly a great wedding day memory.

Greendaycheese 12

Well maybe, but she didn't have a right to slap her in the first place!

Sounds like it would be a pretty great wedding day memory to me. "Kids, this is the day your aunt and I got into a huge cat fight at my wedding. Because the stupid attention ***** fainted at my wedding."

iseyixes 18

I'm not arguing that it's ok that she slapped her. Just saying slapping her back during the wedding is not the answer, maybe the next day

titsnotcalm 4

First, I love your dp, taemin ftw, second, I don't think she should slap her back, cause slapping is generally a bad thing to do. I'm taking OP's side, but we have to think of her sister's situation as well, but of course, what she did was a bitch move.

Okay first of all, wow. I've never seen so many Kpop fans on one thread. Secondly, it was a pretty bitchy move. Sorry about your sister OP. It was probably just stress from the wedding day.

Cat fights are necessary. And great nonetheless.

To all you guys who say: why was she wearing such a tight dress, for all you know, she could have been one of the bridesmaids and did not pick her outfit. Anyhow her sister's reaction was way overboard. What kind of self centred princess worries more about getting all the attention than about her sister's health? Of course your wedding day is YOUR day but it's not exactly like OP planned to pass out. Looks like her sister needs to grow up and sort out her priorities.

But as the bride, the wedding pretty much IS about her (and her groom but more so the bride I would think).

Do you idiots really think they mean the style of the dress? Of course she didn't pick it, but that also means she would've had fittings to alter the dress and make it fit properly. OP either gained some weight before the wedding and made her dress not fit, or didn't speak up about needing a bigger size in the first place.

Sing_Along 7

Well she wasn't over reacting at all. I wonder if this was in front of the congregation or not.

Of course she's overreacting! I'd be upset but I wouldn't slap my sister. It's not like she PLANNED to faint at her sister's wedding.

Its not like she planned to faint! Was she talking To her friends before the wedding "hey guys, I'm gonna faint during the ceremony so everyone looks and pays attention to me" yup? That's totally what happened.

deadxwedding84 5

I think this was supposed to be sarcastic. Give them a break.

Ya, I thought that comment reeked of sarcasm as well. Lighten up ppl, don't take everything on face value.

Sing_Along 7

Total sarcasm. I forgot this was the Internet. The sister was totally flipping shit over an accident.

Well in their defense, internet sarcasm isn't very clear at all, because you need the tone in a person's voice to really detect sarcasm. People should make more of an effort to show sarcasm in their posts.

deadxwedding84 5

On the bright side, if you shoot her, she'll get even more attention.

And will get you a criminal record! Everyone wins!

Coming from deadxwedding84, so perfect.

missababgaga 19
jenniiienyc 5

Slap that bitch back. You were in her wedding, you did her a favor. Being in the bridal party is torture (from my experience).

jenniiienyc 5

Sorry, I assumed she was in the bridal party. Hell, even attending weddings sucks.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I was once the ring holder... I had to stand through out the whole ceremony cause some jackasses took the front seats.

jenniiienyc 5

Oh wedding stories. I was a bridesmaid and we had 4 HOURS STRAIGHT of pictures in a church with no air conditioning in the middle of summer. :O

Oh yeah sis, I'm okay thanks for asking....

While I feel terrible for OP, I also feel bad for the husband. This may have been his first time realizing exactly who he was spending the rest of his life with.

is your sister kim kardashian coz she sounds like a mega attention *****.

Chances are, her sister is in fact not Kim Kardashian. :0

24- i hope you didn't really think i was serious, i was just saying she has that same dumb attention ***** kind of attitude.

PYLrulz 17

9 - Now can you type that in English... And have it make sense too?!?

58, the English was pretty clear, they just need punctuation. I understood it clearly.

Would knocking her out put the attention back on her?

Your comment fits perfectly with the picture. me gusta.