By memphis201 - 26/07/2012 17:20 - United States - Lexington

Today, I learned why one should never insert a tampon after squeezing lemons. FML
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memphis201 tells us more.

Just for clarification, I always wash my hands before I use a tampon, but in this case it was an emergency, if you get what I mean by that. I also didn't have the kind that uses an applicator available so I had to actually put my hands up there for the tampon to function properly.

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KiiwiiRox 6

Don't you wash your hands? I believe that's how you can get infections with dirty hands...




My question is, why would that even be a good idea?

#9 You had a lemon party after using Icy Hot? Whoa there.


Lemon party in her pants, and no one else wants to be invited :/ ouch!

TriflingAllDay 6

Most of us have used icy hot. And understood its failure.

Honestly, I think you deserved it for not washing your hands before inserting a tampon. ALWAYS wash your hands, it's just common sense.

yoyoyolol08 5

161- i never have washed before for ten years...ever

noobgang7 5

I don't think anybody here knows what lemon party is. Go to to

I went to the bathroom after cutting up ingredients for salsa, one of which was several jalapenos. That was painful too.

Yes, we can only guess my fellow gentleman. For neither me, nor you are women. Therefore we never have to undergo the inserting of tampons or the pain that comes with lemon tainted ones.

Speaking as a man: Once, after squeezing a lemon, I inserted a tampon--it hurt when she screamed and kicked me.

Dr0reos 8

Still better then when I was in Nam handling napalm and...nevermind(my ass still hurts when it rains...Ahhh memories)

You think most people would know enough to wash their hands before and after inserting a tampon.

Well you know what they say... When life gives you Lemons, you burn life's house down with Incendiary Lemon Grenades...

Better than corrosive acid, I suppose.

150, I imagined Morgan Freeman saying that. It made me smile.

Yah hotsauce would definatly be worse. My friends are dicks when it comes to truth or dare. Men, hotsauce on the downstairs sucks too

That must be horribly painful. I remember accidentally rubbing my eyes after cutting up some lemons, and boy did it sting! Fail your life, OP!

I can't decide whether you are saying OP's life is a fail, or you're commanding OP to fail his life.

I think 3 means fyl... It doesn't stand for fail.

VIPwhenever 15

I ate jalapeños with tortilla chips and forgot I had the jalapeño juice on my fingers once, and rubbed my burned terribly I thought I was going blind, then remembered I touched jalapeños.

Reminds me of the time my friends gave me a "red candy pepper" those bastards..

blacksswan 10

I think three was just being nice and didn't want to use "****" & stuck with "fail"

Lemons? You don't feel pain like you do when you rub your eye after cutting chilli peppers.

Yeah... I didn't rub my eyes but I touched my nose after mincing that damn Ghost Pepper... My nose was as red as Santa's Rudolph!

Altosax 4

I actually don't see how this would be painful. In your eye, yeah that would hurt, but OP's area in question is technically already acidic, it shouldn't hurt all that much.

blink_kid 32

153 - You're a man. You have NO idea how much something like that can hurt.

KiiwiiRox 6

Don't you wash your hands? I believe that's how you can get infections with dirty hands...

just speculating... but wouldn't lemon juice clean your hands of bacteria with the acid? like even sometimes in restaurants they give you a little cup of lemon juice to dip your fingers in to clean your hands

Even after waging your hands, there would e lemon juice still there. It gets in your skin

Still, lemon juice is generally something you wouldn't want to introduce to your delicate fleshy parts, whether it is 'clean' or not.

AClassActx3 7

Generally something strong like lemon juice , from a natural lemon will still be in your hands after washing.

musicluvr2000 11

33- the acid in lemon juice is not strong enough to disinfect surfaces. Restaurants provide Lemon juice for its fragrance and degreasing properties, not to disinfect you hands. Viniger, on the other hand, has enough acid in it to properly disinfect surfaces. Do your homework before posting nonsense. :3

67- I said I was just speculating and did not claim to be an expert nor did I say my speculation was infallible. Don't be so rude and get off your high horse. Just because you possess some knowledge where others do not does not entitle you to be an asshole On another note, I agree with you 42. I once used icy hot then proceeded to take a piss. I think it's nuff said there

musicluvr2000 11

Oh, my apology for my rudeness because, as you say, I "express knowledge in areas some do not." there is a difference between common sense and knowledge.

O.O I always thought the lemon juice was for drinking

1) I said "possess". if your gonna direct quote someone/something, at least get it right eh? 2) knowing information in certain subjects is "knowledge", but looking both ways before crossing the street is "common sense". Don't be so quick to denigrate others with what you consider to be "common sense". Does that mean since I took calculus in school, if I ask someone I meet on the street to explain a Jacobian matrix to me and they can't, that they lack common sense? I most certainly think not. 3) Lastly, do YOUR homework. The citric acid (that is present in lemons, among other things like ascorbic acid) actually has a pH of about 2.3, while acetic acid (in vinegar) has a pH more like 2.5-3. And both occur in about 5% concentrations, so lemon juice would be a stronger acid than vinegar. Just not suitable for disinfecting because of the other substances found in lemons (like natural sugar, which we all know can leave your hands a little sticky).

Yes, and you seem to be lacking the first one.

I am I the only one that's never been provided with cleansing-degreasing-what-have-you lemon juice at a restaurant. I think lemon-scented moist towelettes is the closest I've come to lemon juice, at least in the U.S. and the U.K.

JKr3slEMO 5

you don't wash your hands before putting in tampons?

Inheritance 10

Coming from me a boy I find that utterly disgusting not washing your hands before doing that..

It would be even more disgusting if she didn't wash her hands after she does that. Let's just hope she does. FYL op but YDI because you should have known better ;D

Some things like lemon and onion can stay on your hands after washing them. Cut a half dozen lemons. Wash hands like normal. Smell. There is a chance you will still smell them.

I got TSS a year and a half ago, nearly died. I even washed my hands. Just always be careful about tampons and anything bacteria-wise going in that area.

I normally do but it was an emergency, if you know what I mean by that.

No, she just needs to wash her hands before doing that.

Who doesn't want to smell of lemons?! No need to be sour about it.

This is why you wash your hands before... And after, for that matter.