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Yeah, but she probably feels awful about affecting the bride's wedding, whom she must be very close to. I'm sorry to hear that OP. Hope everyone understood your situation. Nervousness is a hell of an emotion. Your adrenal glands went overboard. We've all been there.

  Tektite  |  14

It happens! It's embarrassing but what could you do about it. I'm sure people are understanding about it. Definitely didn't deserve it, sorry OP.

  hooligyn123  |  18

I almost did the same as the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding. My lesson was when your not used to high heels, don't wear them. I locked my knees and almost blacked out.

  DCFan  |  9

Nerves probably had nothing to do with it. It could have been something as simple as the bridesmaid locking her knees for an extended period or getting smashed the night before at the bachelorette party.