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  Docbee  |  11

aha sirin, i just noticed you tried sending your own fmls, and they didn'tget through :D

~p.s i am honored to be graced by your presence

~p.p.s im hungry.

  esu  |  5

just because she said that you should be in every single shot. just jump out from the back or run across the when the picture is about to take.

  mintcar  |  9

Brides think that they have every right to be a bitch to every one who's participating in the wedding just because it's their wedding day.

She's a bridezilla OP. Goodluck dealing with her.


Sirin, I disagree with what you wrote about commenting on the first comment by writing first on it's reply. I think it's not sad, but rather smart because it's a cleaver way to avoid being struck by your lightening, which is fueld by your perpetual hatred for annoying people who write, "first" on the comment.


Aww, you fixed my comment. You're probably the only popular person on this site who's nice, fair and definetly the only Mod on the internet that doesn't let the power get to their head. Can I be on the team too? :)

  ntherewas1  |  11

As bitchy as this is, isn't it apparently (or so I hear) for brides to WANT their bridesmaids to look bad so they look even better by comparison? Wouldn't it be a good thing for her to have fat bridesmaids? By the way, she sounds mean and I'm sure you're not that fat...FYL!

  TrueStory22  |  0

If the sister isn't that hot, then most likely she's going for the cheerleader effect:
A group of average or ugly girls looks hot as a group, but individually they are not. OP might ruin the effect by standing out too much. Sorry OP, your sister is a bitch.

  Stinjaaaa  |  0

You're a bitch, doesn't matter what you look like ESPECIALLY if you're sisters.. her sister is a bitch and so are you, you'll both wind up with no friends eventually & you'll both deserve it =)

  TheDrifter  |  23

Exactly. The point of bridesmaids dresses is to make the bride feel better in comparison. The fact that they make the bridesmaids feel ugly and desperate to get out of them is just a bonus for the menfolk.

  Mandarooo  |  7

Music major. I don't know how to make an accent mark, so I say fiance'. When it's a man, it's fiance anyway. With or without the mark, you know what I meant.