By samikai523 - 18/04/2011 20:25 - United States

Today, my sister told me she didn’t want me in her wedding pictures because I looked fat in my bridesmaid's dress. FML
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get sister u have there.. :/

get comment you have there

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

I luv ur photo!

i said that o.o

tëll that bitch you put ex-lax in the cake....or not!!;) just make sure it's in all layers of the cake

HayItsJobin 0

6: win. haha.

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lololol Jupiter, he's making fun of you.

195- no shit, I think I realized that

5: win 144: number fail :))

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wow I was actually 1st :D witch makes one a bigger douch 1saying 1st as comment or 2replying to own comment saying 1st?

Ahahaha. Join the gym?:)

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You are probably fat in general... Just saying, not that that justifies what your sister did...Solution? Fireworks in the wedding cake...

why u reply to my comment if your response has nothing to do with said comment?

One is annoying as hell, the other is just plain sad. But that's just me; we should run a straw poll or something.

k just wondering :D

it like fb and ppl saying 1st! I wanna punch them in the face for saying it

aha sirin, i just noticed you tried sending your own fmls, and they didn'tget through :D ~p.s i am honored to be graced by your presence ~p.p.s im hungry.

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i was 5th to reply on this comment.! ;D haha

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but siren ur right we should make a poll on the site for this seemingly never ending question.

u know it xxx :D

46 i tried my street name and it called me a phyco. i tried my real name and it called me a beaner urban dic is mean 2 me

At least she's honest..

53 and 55 if u can't contribute to this comment, then don't post. mmmm k

just because she said that you should be in every single shot. just jump out from the back or run across the when the picture is about to take.

mintcar 9

Brides think that they have every right to be a bitch to every one who's participating in the wedding just because it's their wedding day. She's a bridezilla OP. Goodluck dealing with her.


69 get back to your street corner where you belong. k tnx

Heather_x0x0 6

1: that's exactly what I thought when I read this!!! sorry OP...

jazziness 12

abeastmuffin shut the hell up not the boss of commenting! gosh!

He's not talking about commenting on the post, he's talking about replying to first just to be near the top.

exactly, thank you

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agree with the 1st and

Did all those comments get deleted? And I agree with #1. She's a b*tch, and will get what is coming to her. :)

Which* Douche* As to the If I were you, I wouldn't even be in the wedding. Don't show up. She's a bitch, what kind of sister acts like that?

fyl! I feel really bad for u!!

the fact that you spelled "which" wrong

Playing minecraft right now.

Playing minecraft right now.

OP deserves it no one wants to look at a fat person in a dress, I just hope she told you nicely.

Sirin, I disagree with what you wrote about commenting on the first comment by writing first on it's reply. I think it's not sad, but rather smart because it's a cleaver way to avoid being struck by your lightening, which is fueld by your perpetual hatred for annoying people who write, "first" on the comment.

sirin! where is the wee woo?!

160- Logically correct, but nevertheless morally sad.

Whoever said they'd avoid my lightning?

Since 18's pubes weren't fried from your awesome, Godly lighting, I'm guessing he didn't write, "first" on his reply.

Aww, you fixed my comment. You're probably the only popular person on this site who's nice, fair and definetly the only Mod on the internet that doesn't let the power get to their head. Can I be on the team too? :)

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Can anyone sign up for a moderator position, like most sights, or no? Thanks!

Prankster7o7 5

^ Hahaha.

191- Even if there was I don't think they would let in someone with the name "Troll"

karma will slap that bitch

I say eat her wedding cake

I agree... What a cunt of a sister you have OP. I think that she's the one who deserves to have her life fucked.

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How do you become a mod?

FreebirdIII 1

she said PHAT clean out your ears.

As bitchy as this is, isn't it apparently (or so I hear) for brides to WANT their bridesmaids to look bad so they look even better by comparison? Wouldn't it be a good thing for her to have fat bridesmaids? By the way, she sounds mean and I'm sure you're not that fat...FYL!

Hey whats a good server ( minecraft )

I don't understand. If someone looked fat, wouldn't that make the bride look skinnier? So...wouldn't she look better?

you should tell her you dont want her in your life because shes not great either

that's kinda extreme dude. just repeatedly stab her, incinerate the body, and throw it into the ocean. much easier!!

Monstee 2

^ agreed doc your plan is too harsh

maz255 10

143 there is only one "Doc" and thats docbastard....

you're daaaaaaamn straight!

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LMAO @138

I agree with 138, why make a trivial thing complex if it can be done easy and clean.

doesn't that make her look less fat in comparison?

you probably are fat

skizzlerz 0

I know right? I thought lots of brides liked bridesmaids who aren't as pretty as them so they look better on their wedding day? haha

but you don't want pictures of fat girls, they might break the camera...xD

227 thats harry potters line >:P

TrueStory22 0

If the sister isn't that hot, then most likely she's going for the cheerleader effect: A group of average or ugly girls looks hot as a group, but individually they are not. OP might ruin the effect by standing out too much. Sorry OP, your sister is a bitch.

That's why OP should not eat until the wedding, then make her sister look fat.

My aunt did that, she asked the less pretty, and more chubby people to be the brides maids :)

A7X_LoVeee 10

Shouldn't she be happy?

maybe cuz you are

Lqum26 0


so what of she is. theres no reason her sister should say that


maybe your a douche. wait. yeah, you are. no hesitation there.

latinagirlcrazy 0

Ur a bitch!

Stinjaaaa 0

You're a bitch, doesn't matter what you look like ESPECIALLY if you're sisters.. her sister is a bitch and so are you, you'll both wind up with no friends eventually & you'll both deserve it =)

hahaha this is funny

ImaWiseGuy 5

let's be honest one wants bad pictures of their wedding.....

ImaWiseGuy 5

not trying to justify the insulting act, just saying......^

MakeAScene 4

I'm gonna have to agree with #239. It's the sister's wedding, so she has every right to control anything she wants.

TheDrifter 23

Exactly. The point of bridesmaids dresses is to make the bride feel better in comparison. The fact that they make the bridesmaids feel ugly and desperate to get out of them is just a bonus for the menfolk.

I find this comment acceptable because of your picture.

ouch... bad dress i hope for your sake

Tell her she looks fat when she isn't in a dress. Assure her that you will look skinny next to her ; )

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Then be in it anyway, just jump in when theyre about to take the pictures. Im sorry your sisters a bitch OP :/

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what does op mean?

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Its called Google.

MizzErikaHart 8

yeah, photo bomb her pics now!

briidontgive_ 0

37 , Original Poster, person who posted the fml.

Don't you mean Orange Penis?

YDI for having a sister.

Mandarooo 7

Just horrible. I don't know your sister, but I kind of feel bad for her fiance'.

Jrefinne 7

*Fiancé. We are referring to a man, of course.

Mandarooo 7

Music major. I don't know how to make an accent mark, so I say fiance'. When it's a man, it's fiance anyway. With or without the mark, you know what I meant.