By Anonymous - 30/06/2015 12:56 - Turkey - Istanbul

Today, I was at my best friend's wedding. As she threw the bouquet, I was punched in the face by another bridesmaid. Later, as I was explaining what had happened, I punched myself in the face. FML
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I'm guessing punch was served in that wedding.

You're going to go home looking like you got mugged


You're going to go home looking like you got mugged

That sucks, at the reception did they have good PUNCH?

Do us all a favor and punch yourself, 2.

mds9986 24

If you have to caps lock the pun, it's not a good pun.

lexiieeex3 32

WAYYYYYYYY too obvious

The obvious punch line is too obvious in this one.

#2 just couldn't deliver it the right way.

I'm guessing punch was served in that wedding.

Ouch, that must have hurt a punch

That was probably a fail. Punch was supposed to sound like bunch. Well at least I tried.

It was funny. But explaining it ruins it.

I was having second thoughts after I posted it thinking it might not be obvious enough

You like to go all in when you tell stories ;)

who doesn't like to go all in!

fml has to stop being enablers. she punched herself so we say her life sucks??

I'm sure she was just trying to fistbump you :D

whatthefuckusername 13

The one with the punches.

Whatever happened to just saying you walked into a door?

RockstarJAy 16

My friend once gave this kid who we used to hate a gash under his eye. The next day, another friend of ours asked him what happened while trying not to giggle, and the kid said he bumped into a door. We called my friend who did the damage, "The Door" for the next week.

Maybe she really wants to get married.

you are the joke and the punchline...