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Hey, at least you won't have to fear for the future of America's birth rates. I sense a lot of unplanned pregnancies coming up in that college this poor idiot is going to. Let's just hope he doesn't get laid or doesn't believe in premarital sex, then his lack of knowledge might not actually become an issue.

  nyctophobia  |  5

oh, how I fear for ignorant stereotypes like you. you know 3rd world countries are more ignorant than Americans. Not to mention, most of the people in American aren't American and come from different countries because they can't stand their own country.Besides, how do you know this took place in America? othee countries have colleges too, dipshit. Educate yourself.

  billie_joann  |  10

There's always someone making this comment on a FML post; congratulations on making it the second comment. But I don't understand how you hold one person responsible for all humanity. Haha, silly girl.

  parism143  |  28

Where I live, we don't ever get an actual sex ed class, but they explained the basics in 6th grade and then went into immense detail in 9th grade science class.

  triplebeerox  |  27

i had my first sex ed class in 3rd grade then in the 5th and 6th grades and then once again in 9th grade. I don't remember seeing any pregnant girls so I feel that my school district did pretty well in that aspect.