By rbates - 25/07/2009 18:32 - United States

Today, I decided to make a place in my house for my friends to sign called “The Friend Wall." By sign I meant sign, not draw body parts. This afternoon I ate lunch next to a basketball-sized vagina and a monumentally large blue and purple penis. FML
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was it a good lunch? cause that could make this less of an fml

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LOL @ 17. and yeah, I would never do that, cause doesnt just eevryone draw genitals on things. and on a wall. o__o oh no. lets hope you can paint over it.

maybe they just wanted to show you what a ****** looks like, assuming that you would never see one on your own.

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i think the OP is a girl. I mean in general its mostly girls who do things like 'Friend Walls'

except the OP is a girl and my friend, she is very sweet and awesome and can get laid whenever she wants so shut up

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haha sounds like my frends xD white out ftw :P

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They were visually displaying a very literal meaning of "Blue balls". They are nice friends.

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sounds like you kind of asked for it...

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Yeah thats what I thought, I my yearbook is covered in penis drawings, so I would have guessed my wall would be too.

Exactly. You asked for it making 'The Friend Wall' What are you, six? Sounds like your friends are six too

Genitals are your friends. I don't see the problem, here.

in soviet Russia... you know what? i'm not even gonna go there!

Seriously, you didn't think of this before you made this plan? :P

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Graffiti till it isn't visible anymore

Your friends compared you to being as fun as intercourse with huge genitals! Kudos to you, my friend!

Oh god this comment made me laugh more than the mind picture of the situation. OP: FYL for that happening, but YDI for not knowing your friends would totally do that.

At least now you know that a ****** & penis are your friends :)

Wow. Well atleast you have, um, creative friends! =D

Hey, be grateful you have a wall...