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  tinyphreak  |  0

Quoted for damn truth! Seriously... I know people going through shit that's inhuman just because they "love" the other person that's treating them in that very unloving way. Ugh, human kind.. *sighs*

  genius_man16  |  0

Yeah seriously. At least you are breaking up with him, but why on EARTH did you bail him out!? You are one sad, strange woman. Once he decided to cheat on you he lost his privilege to have you bail him out. You had absolutely no "obligation" to get him out. Why you did is so beyond me.

  ariean  |  0

it doesnt sound like she's left him, but for the OP's sake i hope she did leave him, and also she should have just left him there. what a jerk.


Complete agreement! I would have gone down there just to laugh at him and leave, and I'd ask the people there to give a huge "THANK YOU!" to the female undercover cop for me! :D

  Illumi113  |  0

Wanna bet? A lot of people do, and it completely ruins the site. It's not nearly as funny when you have the nagging suspicion that it's a lie, and didn't really happen to somebody.