By Pottymouth - United States
Today, I was having really bad diarrhea. I sat down on the toilet and heard a plop, thinking it was just me going to the bathroom. After I was finished, I look in the toilet to see my iPhone sitting in a pool of diarrhea. FML
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By  peoc  |  0

Do you happen to store your iPhone up your ass? Well, at least the iPhone is closer to its motherly enviroment: a pile of shit. Sucks for you though :/

By  peoc  |  0

Do you happen to store your iPhone up your ass? Well, at least the iPhone is closer to its motherly enviroment: a pile of shit. Sucks for you though :/

  Crystalyo  |  0

I think he was in the process of pulling his pants down, and had his butt over the toilet and phone fell out of his back pocket or something and into the toilet while he was pulling his pants down.
But what I don't get is that wouldn't you feel yourself going? Like how could you not know?

  vreddy92  |  5

Alright, why do people keep hating on the iPhone? I have one, and I love it.

Now, that's not to say that there aren't flaws. Like the fact that it is offered by AT&T. Or maybe that they fall out of pockets easily. Especially jacket pockets. If his was in his jacket pocket, it would have fallen out while he was sitting to poop. This would explain the FML also.

FYL man! Get another iPhone! They really are awesome!

  agiver  |  0

"They sound different" - Yes, they would sound differrent but don't you think that if he rushed to the bathroom and had extreme diarrhea that he'd just be concentrating on crapping, not the noise that the crap is making?
"Unless you have a hole in your pants, how'd it fall out?" - People drop many things in the toilet from their pocket and it's because they're rushing, They pull the pants down right before they plop down. It is possible for the butt to be above the toilet with your pants on before you sit on it with your pants down.
"If it was your diarrhea wouldn't you have felt it come out?" - Sometimes people accidentallly poop in their pants, they didn't know it was gonna happen. Doesn't your diarrhea ever come out so easily that you don't even feel it? That's what's expected from diarrhea.
I just created an account just so I could comment on you dunbarses that are saying it's fake because I have nothing better to do other than lay in bed reading these (or is it lie in bed?) either way FML

  EprahsHteb  |  2

Anyone who owns an iPhone would know that when you sit down, it does slip out of your pocket frequently and often falls onto the floor/on the chair .. or in this case, down the shiter.

Also iPhones really aren't bad, people need to chill out with the 'OMFG LOLOL IPHONES SUCK LOLOLOL'
Everyone has preferences though I guess...?

  lexiBRo  |  0

I own an iphone and definetly can relate to it sliding out my pocket..which is why i never have it in there when I am going to the bathroom.... but if it were going to fall in the toilet it would do so while you are pulling your pants down.. not while you are in the middle of going to the bathroom...i dont think you would be able to mistake the two sounds either...

  shelbtron  |  0

stupid f### with your godalmighty blackberry...the blackberry is the epitome of bad phone plans and strange, terrible deals with service providers. At least the iphone sticks it to one service. Also, blackberrys are scum - just look at the company and their whole "ohhhh looook touch screen blackberriphone! look what we can COPY!!!"

silly twat.

also, OP, you're a silly twat because diarrhea = watery shit, not solid, iphone-sounding shit.

  stereopump  |  0

It's preference. I've used both and still prefer the iPhone :/

...that's not to say that I wish apple would stop being a dick about their app store. I LOVE google's open source app store.

  Fop  |  6

Yeah the OP is an idiot for

1. Not being able to spell diarrhea (well not being able to spell it isn't a problem... But "diharea?"
2. Managing to drop his iPhone into the toilet. Wtf :/