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By Anstice - 05/10/2009 03:07 - United States

Today, I was at a stop light and a bee landed on my leg. I screamed and started swatting it. It flew into my jacket and I started to strip my jacket off, taking my foot off the brake. I hit the car in front of me and deployed the air bag, breaking my nose. Then the bee stung me in the back. FML
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Unless you are allergic to bees, you deserved it.

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Shit thats the funniest thing ive seen all day. And to be a ******* asshole, FIRST! (I bet this gets buried straight away)


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Shit thats the funniest thing ive seen all day. And to be a ******* asshole, FIRST! (I bet this gets buried straight away)

you no doubt about it deserve it since bees arent aggressive bugs. they dont go for people unless provoked. if you act calmly they fly away, sometimes only after a few seconds.

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completely fake it takes a force of 35mph to 0 within 4 miliseconds to deploy any airbag used in the usa

Oh shut the **** up im sick of all the people calling fake for no good reason

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sounded like a good reason to call it fake to me.

yeah but she was in a car. limited places to fly. i mean usually if you get a mosquito in the car or something it's too stupid to find an open window.

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I'm sorry, but you deserve this one. Bees, like every other animal on this planet, won't hurt you unless you provoke them. If you never learned that, then your parents are horrible parents. That's the first thing you learn when dealing with animals for the first time.

You ******* retard. Get the **** off our roads. Way to support the stereotypes about women.

Lol @ #83 are you kidding me? Have you ever tried to pet a ******* lion or how about a crocodile.. Who are your parents and where the **** did you go to school.

air bags don't deploy unless you're 15 mph

Unless you are allergic to bees, you deserved it.

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She deserves it even more if she is allergic to bees because you'd have to be an idiot to aggravate one knowing that it'll kill your ass if it stings you.

ROFL. I am allergic. I just couldn't put it in the FML because it was too long.

YDI regardless, first rule of bees is don't piss them off by freaking out. duh. hahahahaha, sucks to be you!

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YDI for driving a automatic instead of a proper manual car

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I've never in my life seen a car sold here in the US with an automatic transmission cost less than the same car with a manual... where did you get that information?

they're saying automatics cost more..

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Automatics are more expensive here in the USA, too.

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bee wins 3 to 1/2 you get a half kuz the bee died stinging your worthless ass

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Don't you mean sucks to BEE you?

hahahahahaha wow this brightened my day

I call bullshit. Airbags don't go off if you "tap" someone. You either slammed your car into theirs or you're full of shit.

Sometimes they do, buddy. Better be safe than sorry.

Airbags can break your neck or suffocate you - having them deploy for just a tap is not actually safe. Which is why they don't deploy that easily, except in the movies.

Yeah, they're right. If you took your foot off the brake, you would be going at about 3mph. Even on a super-steep hill, that's not more than... I'll give you 6mph. Once, my dad slid into a car at around 35mph and the insurance company determined we would be better off with a new one. No airbags.

Sometimes if you just hit someone right, it doesn't have to be very hard.

Um def FAKE!!!! u gotta hit the other car at a minimum of 7 mph for ur airbags to go off... What ever you BEE!!!

Ohh, Indiana... what're we gonna do with you? *50s sitcom music plays, fade to black*

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same thing i was thinking you can't set off the air bag with a tap