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  Wimoweh  |  10

No, not really, my friend drew one on my arm with sharpie and it washed off after a few showers. Permanent markers don't work well on skin. But I do hear they're quite useful on fabric...make an effort to draw a penis on the front of every shirt of your "friend."

  andyyroxx  |  20

"Marker on the market". Market the markers from the marketing marker community to purchase markers specially developed to target a certain marker market.

  maosquare  |  18

Once, my friend couldn't manage to entirely wash off all the sharpie penises on her face. It was very difficult not to crack up in my seminars listening to her discuss deep philosophical issues, let alone take her seriously.

By  Julianne_sings  |  10

Just try and white some of them out. If that doesn't work, maybe just tell your teacher that they were in the book when you get it? Regardless of if you get in trouble or not, your friend is still an asshole.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

6- Here's an idea: tell the person you're returning it to the Truth. :p The book was vandalized, you're sorry it happened, offer to replace, and slap your "friend" with the bill to do so. Easy and honest.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

17- Which doesn't change my advice nor the end result. I've ruined a textbook before, I apologized for it and I replaced it, and it wasn't really an issue, becausr you're right, the teacher didn't care.
What I didn't do was

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Fuck, sorry, I'll try that again. :p
What I didn't do was try to cover it up or deny it happened while in my care.
There's more intregity in accepting responsibility, and handling it like the adults some of them wish we will become. ;)
(Not saying you Aren't one, btw. Nothing personal!) :)

By  ilianaaa  |  8

if the drawings were small vs big, more than likely I don't think anyone will notice. plus when they checkout your books, usually they don't even open it, just past the hard cover to scan it, that's it. well for me at my school