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By  Cynical_1  |  26

If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times. Either you knew what he was like before you married him or you didn't. Either way you still married him and you deserve it.

By  GoddessMadoka  |  12

I've noticed a lot of stories like this pop up over the years of browsing this site. I literally do not understand how people can date someone with such poor hygiene, never mind actually marrying them. It isn't your job to teach a 25 year old man child how to brush his teeth!

By  MissReanimator  |  11

My boyfriend is the same way.. He can go days without brushing his teeth until I finally have to tell him his breath smells like rotten garlic. What's your trick? Because just telling him to brush every day like a normal human doesn't seem to have any impact.