By WasteOfTime - 01/11/2009 14:36 - United Kingdom

Today, as I stopped at a traffic light, I noticed the man in the car next to me break out in laughter. I pulled over later on to see that someone had drawn a large penis on the side of my van. I then spent all my morning cleaning it off. I went outside later only to see someone had redrawn it. FML
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people can be so immature sometimes! FYL

Don't get your panties in a bunch. It was funny.

Reyo 2

*psst* you're supposed to continue the chain. Only when you've drawn the penis on someone else's van will the penis fairy stop her shenanigans.

Ask your neighbors if they like your wiener wagon.

hahahhaha!! love that! OP: did u chuckle? :D ohh common, a lil bit? :D

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Easy for you to say, not ALL dudes want a giant penis on the side of their van.

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lol, kinda sucks, but at least it's funny!

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There's an epidemic of this nonsense at my school. 'Tis absurd.