By Hoggiebear - 05/10/2011 16:08 - United States

Today, my friends learned that if you play "connect the dots" with the pimples on my back the resulting picture is a large penis. FML
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How did you let them figure that out?

at least you have a big dick.


How did you let them figure that out?

exactly my point.

People do some crazy shit when they are bored.

Hahaha nice pic #1 xD

Gotta love college adventures!

like take off their shirt, spraypaint their skin white as possible, and snap a photo of themselves while throwing a gang sign right?

I wanna try!

Subliminal messaging is beast.

That's attractive

Regarding anyone who posts about his picture,read his about me.

Love the pic!

#1... I call bullshit. There is no way you are 24. Maybe 12 lmfao. If your gonna lie try to make it believable next time.

91, If you are going to stalk someone read the entire profile so you don't sound like a moron.

91, with that comment you have just walked into the world of idiots. They have been expecting you for a while though. Next time you stalk someone, take the time to read the entire profile. Fucking moron.

And so have I... Fuck the app for not showing my first comment being posted -__- I apologize.

#1, there's always the chance they did it whilst he was asleep.

You do realize that it isn't really him in the picture right? Oh wait, you don't.

Looks like gibby from iCarly

#20 For someone whos had 25 FMLs rejected you're pretty optimistic. You're pretty and optimistic! See what I did there?

20- you do know it's not him right? idiot.

To anyone like #97 let me explain. That picture is from the internet and is a part of a joke about sixth grade swag fags. He says it isn't him if you read his Bio and not just his age.

And your friends were staring at your back for that long why??

OP was probably in a bathing suit... Or he/she passed out naked at a party and just heard the news about a pimple penis sketch.

i bet ur girlfriend likes that

I say they were high.

What a pleasant anecdote to tell your grandchildren.

Anecdote - short strory. I'm so smart. XD

Apart from not being able to type without fingers slipping onto neighbouring keys, stro.

Tell your grandkids about your backnea

at least you have a big dick.

I'm wondering if op was a girl or boy...

he has 2 dicks now

That must have sucked.

Wow. Luckkyyyy

I hope they didn't figure this out in sharpie.

At least it's not a small one?

Love those bands

Double fyl. you have back acne ANDit looks like a penis.

I'm pretty sure everyone has back acne at one point or another. You sound like a dick.

12- A dick for stating the obvious? Also, #9 is agreeing with op that their life sucks which is usually a good thing here on FML.

back acne= bacne! :D

At least you don't have a penis on ur face.

Haha that reminds me of '10 things I hate about you' when the guy draws a penis on the other guys face!

34- -Claps hands slowly-

Like Squidward or Captain Knuckles on Spongebob and Flapjack!