By stpddog - United States
Today, while trying to get my attention, my dog got her nail stuck in a usb port in my laptop. She freaked out and ran off, dragging it off my lap and through the house before if came off. Her nail was only slightly chipped- my laptop now has a cracked screen. FML
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By  WolfgangDS  |  0

You can get that fixed. There's a guy on eBay that sells computer screens and has instructions for different kinds of laptops. It cost me $150 and about an hour of my time once I got the screen.

By  deadpoetic333  |  0

Just wait for all the dipshit comments about how you need to give your pet attention (just like #7) because apparently from reading other FML comments, most of the fan base on this website consists of people who have a better relationship with their animals then friends and family. What did you all think those crazy cat and dog lovers do while they watch their parasites sleep?

  adime  |  4

OP may or may not have been neglecting her dog, but she is at fault for letting her dog think it is acceptable to jump up on people for attention.

And if her dog is poorly trained, well that's a good reason to believe that the dog may be a tad neglected.

  deadpoetic333  |  0

I'm commenting on how (as proven already) people will talk about attention this attention that about how it's the OP's fault for not giving her dog attention... When a reasonable person will realize it's the dog misbehaving and this is a FYL not a YDI.

You can't devote your life to a flipping dog.

FYL poster, don't mind the crazy pet owners