By stopinthenameoflove - 19/06/2014 14:37 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, my girlfriend thought it'd be witty to buy a miniature stop sign, and hold it up when she gets bored during sex. FML
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That's damn hilarious but a DO NOT ENTER sign would be even better...

Well, I hope you get better at sex, for her sake.


Well, I hope you get better at sex, for her sake.

Yea, then maybe she'll get a "slippery when wet" sign.

Haha! I'm buying a "children crossing" sign for my pregnant sister.

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At least it wasn't a "yield to incoming traffic" sign

Get a emergency siren/lights to counter it. You don't need to stop then. Or just get better at pleasing so she never can pull the sign up.

she gets bored often enough during sex she needed a sign? your poor girlfriend

When the sign goes up, it's not good

That's damn hilarious but a DO NOT ENTER sign would be even better...

It is fantastic! But poor OP, I mean I think I would be pissed off and upset pretty bad if that happened to me so I have so much sympathy :S

And a closed for maintenance sign during that time of the month.

at least its not a BEWARE OF DOG sign...

"Wrong Way" would also be an interesting one. (Hope she doesn't get "Under Construction", that'd be a little disturbing.)

Yup, she's a keeper. You got to work hard at not ever letting her pull up that sign OP.

Good sense of humor. And you need to step up your game. A keeper. Work harder boy.

Or buy some handcuffs so she is not able to put it up.

What Im thinking is, is OP's bf so bad at listening/understanding when OP doesn't want to continue that she literally has to hold up a stop sign to get it across?

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Or she's not good at explaining what she wants him to do during sex.

Find something to annoy her in the same kind of way

Idk, 6, from the looks of things, the sex might be as annoying to her as the sign is to OP.


Don't stop believing!! Give it your all because that's all you can do. Maybe next time try spicing it up with something new

Did you try to rhyme? Because that was amazing.

RedPillSucks 31

Don't stop believin' Hold on to that feelin' Streetlight people

Dang that sucks. Maybe she just isn't interested enough. Try implementing some new stuff in the bedroom, like maybe not sexing it up in the bedroom all the time. Just a thought. FYL

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Or maybe he's just not good in bed?

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At least it's not under construction