By CODgirl102 - 16/11/2013 05:17 - United States - Palm Bay

Today, I decided to confront my friend who has been stealing from me for months. She denied it, while wearing a pair of my pants. FML
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If that was me I would have confronted her as soon as I new about it.

*knew Sorry for being a grammar nazi, but that one was to oblivious to let slide.

#7: I think you mean "obvious," not "oblivious"

JMichael 25

When grammar Nazis try to be smart and completely fail at it.

Sathane 21

"Nazi" - Names get capitals, and "obvious", not "oblivious".

Ah, the beauties of autocorrect. Sorry for not spelling Nazi with a capital, I thought my phone would correct that, and as for 'to' and 'too' I use 'to' more often than 'too' so my phone thought I meant 'to'. Oblivious was an autocorrect though.

There is a two minute editing period for a reason. As a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi, you should have been aware of your mistakes and corrected them accordingly.

And there is such a thing as proofreading.

This is why I have turned auto correct off, and always reread what I type before posting.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't know, 29, it comes in handy for us lazy people haha. It only screws me over whenever I swear, such as "Duck" or "Shot". Autocorrect is like one of your quiet friends who doesn't talk much, but when they do they say the craziest shit you've never heard before.

RedPillSucks 31

like "Ima duck you up the shot hole real slow" Makes perfect sense to me...

I don't know, my autocorrect is a bit of a bitch sometimes. if I tell someone to "sh," it autocorrects to shit. :|

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@20 it won't let me edit via mobile... quite frustrating actually.. :/ so going back and editing may not be an option.

The fact that you're apologizing for autocorrect and typos, is funny because I'm pretty sure that guy just missed a letter when he was typing. (K and N are pretty close to each other)

Pathological lying kleptomaniac. Lock your shit up and find new friends.

I agree completely, but am mildly surprised at the expansive repertoire of comparable stories I have to this. What is it with teenage girls and thinking that it's perfectly fine to steal your clothes? Once I lent a friend my favourite pair of sweats and then when I asked for them back the next week she actually asked if she could keep them cause she liked them.

19- Should have borrowed money from her and said "can I keep it, I just like money so much." I mean it's almost the same thing, the pants do cost money.

47 I have literally been in those exact situations. I even had to lock my bras and panties up because she would steal THOSE also.

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I had a friend who would borrow things and never give them back. Dresses, boots, shirts, anything. Eventually I just went to her house and took everything back. I'm not sure which would be worse; having someone "borrow" things and never give them back, or steal things without you knowing. Probably the latter, because then you'd just never know what happened to those things.

She is just trying to say you have really good taste in clothes!!

I want to feel sorry for OP, but I can't. The way you worded the FML indicates you let the stealing go on for a while before finallh confronting your friend. In that case, YDI.

I was in the same situation. Just steal it back :)

Or she could do what adults do and just remind her what is hers... But ya know, let's go with passive aggressiveness that's always a good answer.

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I had a friend "borrow" a ton of my things, including a laptop and a camera. When I called her to get all my things back she said fine, come over. When I got there, a cop was waiting for me because she called them saying I was harassing her and was going to her house to rob her. I never got my shit back. Thieves are horrible people.

you could've taken that to court and rightfully sued her you know. plus she would've gotten into trouble for wasting the police's time.

You know, in some countries they still honor Hammurabi's Code

RedPillSucks 31

She'd have extra hand, but still no pants.

For those of us that had to look up the Code... It's the 'eye for an eye' business.

Thank you 44. It made sense after you translate it. We were taught this code in history class in 7th grade. Not in English language though. The name sounds funny here.

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Those aren't your pants. She got those from the queen of Pakistan.

You should have prefaced with this, "before you start saying no, let me remind you that you're wearing the evidence".

I had a friend that did that. She insisted that she had the same clothes, yet I had never seen her in them until mine went missing. I also had a friend that stole an old bath towel from my bathroom which had hair dye on it and a map of an island my parents had been to. She insisted it was hers and refused to give it back, not that we needed it back, it was more the principal. Now I don't lend people things :(