By disciplinaryaction - United States
Today, a woman and her daughter came into the store I work at. The girl placed a pair of underpants on the counter, and confessed she had stolen them earlier. Assuming she had already heard a lecture, I simply thanked her for bringing them back. Her mom yelled at me for not yelling at her. FML
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  mystifisvt  |  4

11s comment had me confused for a sec. Yeah I hope OP didn't yell at the idiot child. The mother who can't discipline her own child has that responsibility.


33 I doubt that she decided to return them all by herself, seeing as her mother escorted her to the store. I'd say tell her to teach her children better so that they aren't stealing.

  taera  |  8

Children are not only raised by a single family. They develop through every interaction in society. Props for using positive reinforcement.


I'm sure that the girl's mom would've yelled at op regardless whether she yelled at the girl or not. I mean, in my opinion, I wouldn't want some stranger yelling at my child...

By  DjeePee  |  24

I don't think you're even allowed to yell at customers, even if they're thieves... Nevertheless, you should have said something different then just 'thank you', shouldn't you?

  FYLDeep  |  25

There's nothing illegal about yelling at someone. It's really just going to come down to the store's policy and how powerful of a position the OP had at the store to determine whether or not she can get away with it.


Let me revise this: Do you tackle and beat down customers in a clown suit? I infer this because your profile picture is a clown and if you do I will laugh and make a face that looks like XD.