By anonymous - 22/02/2010 18:11 - Canada

Today, I found out that my ex-boyfriend stole a pair of my underwear, and still wears them to this day. FML
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"STILL wears them to this day" ? So does that mean that he wore them when you were together? Weird much?


Fernando is a player! Now watch all the douchebags comment on his post with something that has nothing to do with it, just so the can be on top.

Or you can replace his post with some white cracker's. I don't give a shit.

Or you can replace the first post with someone else's. I don't give a shit.

what kind of underwear was it cause things are reeeeeeeeeeeally uncomfortable.

lol, I'll have to try that sometime ;) jk

YeahFMLxX 0

it's a light, breezy, comfortable way to let loose. What's not to love about woman panties o.o ..?

Bugatti_Veyron 1

@op: just say EXACTLY this, and only this: "Great! I can't wait to bomb some dodongo's!" do it. trust me, it works.

who said that the op was a girl? there's always some gays, my brothers gay too but yea, doesn't mean the op was a girl.

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the OP said she was a girl when she selected "woman" which is written right next to "by anonymous"

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haha #42 that kinda scared me alittle bit.

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#46 FTW! I just wonder what gannon's up to...

Mercy, I didn't even think about that. How did he use the bathroom? Just drop trou so everyone could see his panties? A bit awkward that.

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@78 awh! thanks for your worry.

op, your ex is a creeper..i'm sorryy..O.o

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oh and mercy! no the whole penis hole thing is uncomfortable. like shooting skeet without the skeet..

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that's not an fml 1 that's an epic win... btw who wears their chick's underwear?! lol

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I like wearing boxers, its quite breezy. But only when I go to sleep. They look kinda weird when you wear pants. But its a nice surpise if you're in a dress! Or just the boxers as shorts inside.... and outside. :) Boxers FTW! (I've always wanted to put that :P)

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haha at the most un-Zelda Zelda game ever and its dialouge from high school dropouts

wow how fat do you have to be for your panties fit on his desperate self

@83, guys don't have to stick their penisis through the underwear hole to pee. They can also use a thumb to lower the front part of the underwear's waistband. I think that method works better.

you look like a younger version of my ex!

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who said it was supposed to be secret

Monikabug 9

LOL @#3 that's what I was thinking! :)

I bet his balls hang out the side :O Thats why I can't wear briefs :/

bubblecheeksz 6

Like Victoria's Secret.. His secret...

wow!!! u need a gf now who can share ur panties and not feel bad abt it!??? hat don't even make sense, does it?

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When you're a lesbian, everything starts to make sense. ;) But guys are fun too. :)

Ninjasaurus18 9

Eh, guys are decent, but they don't have what a girl does:/

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"STILL wears them to this day" ? So does that mean that he wore them when you were together? Weird much?

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I wonder how the OP found out.

That's disturbing I can see why he's your ex

(repost) Please tell me it was a thong. Pink with butterfly lace? *shifty look* Did we date...?