By NOOOOOO - 16/08/2015 23:18 - United States

Today, my only pair of shoes that I brought got stolen at the airport while I was being checked by security. I'm now stuck 1000 miles from home with no shoes. FML
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Irony, you were stopped or being a potential criminal, meanwhile some criminal stole from you


Irony, you were stopped or being a potential criminal, meanwhile some criminal stole from you

Everyone has to take off their shoes in United States airport security... Usually your right by your stuff. Can't believe someone stole his shoes...

Maybe if I walked a mile in your shoes, I would know how you feel.

Maybe you can call a friend, or coworker, depending on why you rode a plane 1k miles from home.

1000 miles is more like 1600 k.. And I'm assuming they flew so they didn't have to drive for 15 hours..

im assuming 3 ment the reason he flew like work or vacation. if he was visiting family he could call a relative. if it was work he could call a coworker

Using 'k' to represent thousands here. More commonly used for money though.

He used 'k' for kilometers.. You do realize there is another measuring system other than imperial, called metric!?

3 used K to represent thousands. 34 thought he was representing kilometer

If he was referring to kilometres it's Km not k

Sorry, I thought k was used to represent kilo or a thousand

Um, he said 1k miles, therefore in this instance k is referring to kilo or 1000 miles (i guess you could call that a kilomile)

I don't know if it's the same in OP's airport, but in mine there's so many stores that it could be considered a mall. Maybe OP's airport has some stores he can go to.

Well if they didn't steal your money you can buy new shoes...

luckely they sell shoes everywhere ;) but that still really sucks.

Get some flip flops at the airport, or go to nearest Walmart, or Payless. Can't be hard to get some quick kicks in a pinch.

She was going through airport security. You have to take them off.

Only in America you actually 'have' to take them off. It's fine on most other countries..

Apparently when some jagoff thought he could hide a bomb in his shoe decades ago he failed in an attempt to blow up the plane so then the US government made a law that you have to take your shoes off so they can go through the scanner. it's time consuming and rather pointless...

The airport security was too busy looking for shampoo in your backpack.