By anon - 22/05/2015 02:22 - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Today, I found out that my flatmate wears my underwear. FML
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Greenteamextreme 16

Start leaving off your underwears with itch powder in them as a trap for him. :3

JustinJK 21

Why is this being down voted :(

I suppose people don't like my evil plan. xD

give the old one to him then buy new ones.

Llama_Face89 33

**** that! The flat mate should buy new ones!

As in, the flatmate can KEEP the old ones and still buy OP new ones.

he just wants to get in your fruit of the loom

Was his name Calvin? Because he seemed very inkleinned to try them on.

Or was it Victoria? I guess you discovered her secret...

At least we know his occupation wasn't a commando.

time to put a lock on your bedroom door

Oops just noticed #7 commented something similar. Oh well.

Tell them to stop, if they don't then buy a combination lock and a metal box then hide all of them in the box, hide the box too