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  joqez  |  0

1# Maybe OP is trying to tell us that she's lesbian which would completely suck. And I assume OP didn't know she was lesbian/bisexual which sucks as well, because you expect to know that sort of things from the beginning.

In other words, fuck your life OP, If I was her, I'd tell you. I always tell my girlfriends I'm bi, no need to feel ashamed. If they don't like me being bi I don't want to date them.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

Alright, guys, go check the dictionary (a legitimate one...) and find where it defines "ain't". I'm almost positive it's not in the dictionary, which is where the saying "ain't ain't a word" came from.


The OP is a guy so it seems likely that he's jealous but really I don't see why this wouldn't be a positive for him unless he's homophobic which tends to mean a lack of security in masculenity. Yay run on sentence!

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

Not all straight guys would be thrilled. My boyfriend was okay with me being bisexual, but he didn't want to have a threesome (I didn't either). The thought of me being with a girl makes him jealous.

  TheDrifter  |  23

It's not all straight men's fantasy. it's hard to compete against them, they know what will work on her better than most of us by virtue of experience with that anatomy.


54/nerds: I've actually read a "religious" argument claiming that God's OK with lipstick lesbians, but not butchy ones. And all male homosexual is an abomination, of course. O.o I felt nauseous just reading it.

  zenti  |  2

TheIrishJaneDoe, I hear that a lot and it pisses me off. People saying stuff like, "If you're gay then you're gross and will go to hell. Unless you're a girl, because then that's hot" or whatever.

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

Right? And they'll say "Oh, god makes no mistakes" and then you ask how gay people are going to hell then, if you're born like that and they say "God made a mistake." MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, PEOPLE!!!

  maphineRAWRS  |  10

well early collar was definatly male? haha
yeah but why's it alright?
don't get me wrong I'm not taking a stab at gay people, just wondering why guys think girl on girl is "hot"? haha!