By maxhhh - United States - Sunnyvale
Today, while feeling sick, I decided to go to a furniture store to sit down for a few minutes. I'm now the proud owner of an expensive, vomit-stained recliner. FML
maxhhh tells us more :
OP here, just a bit of background to the story: I've had a sore throat for a few days, and I'm actually in the market for a recliner so I thought, "I'm not gonna let a sore throat hold me back from getting out!" As I was sitting down and feeling the chairs, I felt an overwhelming dizziness and nausea, and before I knew it, I puked all over myself and the seat of the recliner. Turns out I have a stomach bug now. FML x2... I am getting it cleaned though, so it should be good as new! I enjoyed the comments; Thanks a lot guys!!! :)
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By  aforbiddendance  |  23

Aw, that sucks. That's quite mean, it wasn't really your fault.

  BillMurray_fml  |  12

No, it's a furniture store; this was plan F. Going to the bathroom to worship the toilet was plan T...but OP's reverence for the Porcelain God just exploded out of them before they could get through plans G(et off the recliner), H(ead to a bathroom), I(mmediately enter the bathroom), J(og to a stall), K(ick the door open), L(ook inside), M(an someone shit everywhere), N(ext stall!), O(ccupied, sorry dude!), P(ick an empty one this time), Q(uietly pray it's clean), R(rejoice), and S(ilently pray it's over soon).

Happens to me all the time.

  Aleys_fml  |  21

I live in a world where I respect most people and their property and most people respect me and my property. Maybe if you showed some repect for people and their property you will see there are lots of people with manners.

  iknowiwantyou  |  13

no offence but you can't base the generalization you made of "most people" to your little circle of family and friends.

btw I wasn't talking about manners towards me, I was talking about what I see in public and hear from people everyday. Just so you're not confused anymore.

  makitokito  |  14

At least any furniture store I have been to has encouraged their customers to try out their furniture before they buy.

Ya know unless you are feeling vomity.