By noname - 04/01/2009 05:39 - France

Today, I went shopping with a friend. She went to try some clothes on and came out to ask for my opinion. "Hell no! That shirt is awful!". She wanted to show me the pants. The shirt was hers. FML
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Cloudy_fml 0

@ #2 Maybe she had a jacket on and took it off in the changing room...


Jbiebs82 0

Shouldn't she be posting this: "Today me and a friend went shopping. while trying clothes she came out wearing an ugly shirt and cute pants. I said," Oh hell no!" She then informed me it was my shirt, FML"

Chocolate_Chunk 2

Wow fail. Next time, you may want to, I don't know, write it from the view point of the other person, not the same?

I'm guessing you don't have any posted FMLs?

Cloudy_fml 0

@ #2 Maybe she had a jacket on and took it off in the changing room...

did u not notice what ur friend was wearing when u were together the whole time in the mall :S

wakaaflocka 8

Perhaps she brought an extra shirt to try on different outfits.

x0x_KissOfDeath 0

why would she take her jacket off just to try on a pair of pants? and even if she had a jacket on, i've noticed peoples shirt when they have a jacket on. This seems fishy.

it does indeed seem fishy. unless the person was too concerned with shopping to notice her happens. I do hope that was not the case.

Icalasari 0

I would say that maybe the pants set off the shirt? :P

And somehow you didn't notice the shirt she was wearing BEFORE she went into the dressing room??

How did u not see her wearing it before you entered the store! Total BS