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Today, I came to the conclusion that you should always tell the truth. While I was busy reassuring her that the condom didn't break, she was telling me how it was okay because she was on the pill. According to the pregnancy test, we both lied. FML
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maybe you both hit that tiny percentage that you actually get pregnant on the pill... lol idk! good luck

tht dosent mean she lied. she could be on the pill and still get knocked up

Exactly, they were both unlucky - 2% condom failure chance and (at most) 8% chance that pill didn't work (assuming she was taking the pill) plus the probabilities with getting pregnant is quite unlucky. However, since the FML involves breeding, it's automatically their fault -.- FYL

I would think that the fail ratings for condoms are much higher, and those for the pill lower.

You're stupid if you think it's their fault for having sex. As humans, we don't only have sex for reproduction purposes. We do it for fun. That is WHY we have contraceptives, and sometimes, it's possible that you'll get unlucky and they won't work. As long as they were REALLY taking the precautions, it's not their fault.

Pssh, I think gab_metal was being ironic. That being sad, pigs and dolphins do it also for fun.

28, I would hold that it is their fault; because of action A, consequence B occurred. If using contraception(s) C, however, then they don't deserve it, but it's still their fault.

#23 the pill is meant to be 99% effective and condoms are like 97% or something like that. but she said they both lied meaning he knew the condom broke and she knew she was on the pill but each was trying to reassure the other by lying coz theyre stupid lol

She could have only got pregnant on the pill if she wasn't taking it properly. The effectiveness of the pill is 100% IF TAKEN PROPERLY. However because not everyone does this, the recorded percentage is actually around 99%. If you take the pill with antibiotics, you can get pregnant. If you forget to take a pill, you can get pregnant (depending on when you missed it in your cycle, and when you remembered to take the missed one). It is ALL explained on the instructions in the pill packet VERY clearly. No excuse for not reading and following them. Also, there are two types of pill packets, the normal one and the mini-sized one. With the normal one you often have a 12 hour window to take the pill in if you forget. With the mini one, you have a 2 hour window only, or you are at risk of getting pregnant. So it is VERY important to take it every 24 hours like clockwork. If you stuff up the pill, you generally have to take the pill correctly for 7 days again before you are protected properly. No sympathy for you two. She should have told you she wasn't taking the pill properly, and you should have stopped when the condom broke. Of course you might have stopped had you known she had stuffed up first...but it is really both of your faults.

I'm going to be honest, my partner and I do not use condoms. We're only having sex with each other, so once I got on the pill, and we gave it time to get settled in properly (for lack of better terminology), we dropped the condoms, but he still pulls out because of some stupid paranoia. I've taken my pill almost every single day, on the dot, or within that 12-hour window (which is correct). If I know I'm gonna have to miss a pill for whatever reason (for instance, forgetting to pack them with me when I spend the night somewhere), and I'm going to see him, we either don't have sex or perform some other sexual activity that doesn't involve my ******. We also take these precautions on my inactive pills. And guess what? I'm not pregnant nor have I ever been. (*knock on wood*) This is how mature people, who aren't ready for/don't want kids have sex. You take precautions and you NEVER EVER let your guard down. If the girl you're having sex with comes to you and says, "I haven't taken my pill today", or your guy comes to you and says, "I don't have condoms" (if you use them), DON'T HAVE VAGINAL INTERCOURSE. You can't get pregnant if the semen doesn't come into contact with the ******. If the condom breaks, TAKE YOUR PENIS OUT OF HER ******. It's simple, really.

why is everyone trying to sound like they're a doctor on here??

Babies coming into the world to those who don't want them...FTW

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While OP does deserve it, she may not have been lying. I know at least ten women who have gotten pregnant on the pill.

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Or maybe you just know 10 women who lie. I don't know anyone who was on the pill and got pregnant.

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My uncle works for one of the companies who's pills are defective as a problem solver in the customer support unit...not fun

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agreed. op, wrap your tool you fool and if it breaks.. well.. abortion punch that b1tch

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how stupid. like a bunch of rats breeding

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Birth control doesn't always work, and condoms break.. Don't have sex if your not willing to deal with the after affects.

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I agree with your comment 110%!

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abortions always work really nice

I would say: don't have sex if you are so damn immature. OP, seriously, lying about a broken condom, knowing that it could result in pregnancy? You did that becaaaaauuuse...?

they have the consequences and they should deal with it. abortions are wrong

Ah. So, even if the parents (especially the girl) aren't emotional and/or financial ready for the great responsibility of raising kids, we should force them to be a parent as punishment. Ah. Makes sense. Yeah. Totally. *in respond to the coming adoption comments* The girl still needs to carry an unwanted child for nine very long months (!), endure the pain (!), labor (!), reactions of the neighbourhood/family/collegeas (!), whilst creating an emotional band (!) with a creature she is going to give away (!). Makes also totally sense. I would say, personal choices for the win.

Here's why they both deserve this, had both been honest they coulda went and got plan B in the morning... Thats what lies get you, a big fat mess

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13, Everything has consequences, including your so called quick fix. Some of us (not all) believe that abortion is the taking of a life and something i would never be able to do. So it goes back to not having sex if you're not ready to deal with the chances of becoming a parent. *I don't want this to be a debate about abortion and I know both sides have strong views on the subject. I just feel that some of us need to speak for the unborn.

abortions are right. anyone who hates abortion is a pussy...

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Probably trying to ease her anxiety, and praying like crazy that she wont get pregnant.

#13 abortion is horrible so dont go saying its nice! its the most awful thing a person could do to living creature

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#56 - Watch Hostel and then tell me killing a non sentient creature is the worst thing you can do.

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Wow, I'm pro choice, but #45 makes me wanna hit his head against a random wall.

you have the psychotic mind of a murder and deserve to be detained in a mental institute if you think killing a growing human is fun

abortion is a SELFISH thing to do. idk what kind of sick individual thinks it is okay to destroy someone when they haven't even had a chance at life yet. the only way I thin it'd be okay for an abortion is if the pregnancy or birth would kill or seriously injure the mother, or if she became pregnant by rape.

73 I totally agree with you!!! as for the fml op don't you keep a spare condom to use in these types of emergencies??? if you didn't want a baby you should of told the truth and jus maybe you wouldn't be in this mess and congrats on being a parent!!

a) It should be "after effects." With an "e." b) Does contraception not also take the life of millions of sperm? Even menstruation is killing an egg. And if abortion is murder, is miscarriage not manslaughter? Can a mother who, say, trips and falls on her stomach, then miscarries, be charged with criminal manslaughter? Can a child born with birth defects due to maternal consumption of alcohol sue its mother?

let's all have emotional capabilities the size of a chickpea! :|

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I wouldn't take advice from someone who doesn't even use proper English, referring to 21's comment.

i agree with 76. im pro abortion... not choice abortion cuz theres too many unwanted children and the population is out of control. if u say someone should have a child cuz they ****** up shame on u they wud not only ruin the lives of the parents but contribute to the growing problems with over population. and **** u christians who say that abortions are against god. unlike most of u hypocrites ive read the bible and no where does it say whether or not abortions are okay also if ur willing to base ur life changing decision on the grossly altered texts of a book written 1500 years ago that says that the earth is flat and adulterers should have limbs lopped off u shudnt be a parent and should be castrated immediately. make ur own decisions ! take responsibility for ur life cuz u r the only one that has to live with em

Awww mate. I don't even think uber gutted quite covers it. I feel your pain.

not to be creepin, but you are kinda cute. js.

not to be creepin, but you are kinda cute. js.

Wow. I wish there was such a thing as 'too stupid to breed'.

Why would you lie about that? Did you check and see that it'd broken and still lied? Fair enough if you didn't realise you lied, but she might also not have lied, there is still a chance of getting pregnant whilst on the pill. So maybe check whether or not she was really on the pill. Because you really need to start being honest with each other.

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agree. still a chance she could be on the pill and get preg. and the condom could have broken. it happens.

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I'd say too late for that. Do you think the pregnancy would magically disappear if he found out she lied on purpose. And from reading "Today, I came to the conclusion that you should always tell the truth" I get the impression, that he was very well aware of lying.

I agree with this, you can still get pregnant while being on the pill, it was just unlucky. good luck for the future.

I didn't mean to imply, even for a second, that the pregnancy would go away if he asked her whether or not she lied. But they both need to start being honest with each other, and if he finds out whether or not she was telling the truth then it does open the doorway for them to start being honest with each other and continue being so.

Agree with Cinn, because that child needs honest parents

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