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By dumped and dusted - 13/07/2016 17:35 - United States

Today, three weeks after my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, she admitted it was a lie. Turned out it was just a test to see if I'd break up with her or not. I didn't, but I did just break the bank buying all the things we'd need for an actual kid. FML
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Good for you for making the right decision and sticking by your child. However she is a lying bitch and doesn't deserve a guy like you. Put that bitch on the curb and move on.

was everything non refundable? Seems easy enough to just bring it back.


was everything non refundable? Seems easy enough to just bring it back.

Doesn't mean he should have to go through the process, no matter how hard it is. It's one thing to lie about something to your partner to see what they would do, but lying about being pregnant is a no no. Also the fact that she let him think that for 3 weeks while he bought all kinds of stuff for a child is just inconsiderate.

It's still a hassle he shouldn't have had to go through in the first place.

It's not about returning the stuff, it's about that big of a lie. If she had misread the test strip or made a mistake in thinking that she was pregnant and told him that she was pregnant and thenrealized the mistake three weeks later, it would have been OK. But to keep up that kind of lie for weeks is a hell no! If she really wanted to see what OP would do, she could have hada conversation about it or have maybe kept it up for a few hours or a day at most. This is real life she messed with him with, and not some practical joke like covering the toilet seats with Saranwrap.

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I don't think anyone needs to be testing their relationship. If you're not sure about something, ask them. Communicate. Being weird and lying about things just to get a reaction is juvenile behavior. Relationships will be tested enough naturally, trust me, you don't need to add in extra drama.

But he did go through it, so it's kinda pointless at this point to say he shouldn't have to. We all know the (ex?) girlfriend is a bitch for doing it. #1 was simply offering advice on how OP could get out of the situation of having bought everything.

It came across as condescending and heartless. "So what? You can just return the purchases."

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Ok time, energy and commitment he needs that refunded too please...

Where I live, most of it isn't refundable because you get money/tax benefits from the government for them.

Good for you for making the right decision and sticking by your child. However she is a lying bitch and doesn't deserve a guy like you. Put that bitch on the curb and move on.

I agree, no point in mind games or ******* with someone's life out of apparent "love". Love is a 2 way street, OP you deserve better.

Hopefully "dumped and dusted" means that he broke up with her!

Sticking by what child? Are you just praising him for not leaving his girlfriend if she's pregnant? People even remotely thinking it is normal to leave your girlfriend when she's pregnant is one of the reasons why his girlfriend did this. The others of course not being that good and well-thought.

#103, obviously there isn't a real child, but if there were, OP would've stuck by them. That's more than some guys would do. I don't care what the girl's reasons were, that shit is beyond ****** up. A relationship is built on trust, and if she is lying to OP "just to see what would happen," then the trust is gone. She needs to hit the road.

"That's more than some guys would do." This is quite ****** up as I already said. Srsly, don't honor people who stick by their pregnant girlfriends. This should be the damn default and no one should be honored for this.

Of course it's messed up and it definitely should be the default reaction for anyone. But it's not and so those who actually do stick with it absolutely deserve to be praised.

Why should you praise people who behave like a normal decent person? Go and shit on the people who don't and help the one's who are pregnant with an asshole's baby.

Nobody is praising anyone here. You're twisting my words into something they're not. All I did was say OP isn't one of those guys that would leave, which is a good thing. Obviously every guy should stay with his pregnant girlfriend, but unfortunately in today's society that's not always the case. The fact that OP would choose to do the right thing just means he's a good person. Not that he deserves praise. It's just nice to know that there are still good people out there. Get your head out of your ass.

Now might be the time to actually dump her. That's unforgivable in my (stranger's) opinion

You passed the test with flying colours! She failed horribly however. Time to get a refund on the supplies and on the relationship

Your gf sounds like an immature tool. It's not nice to play with people's emotions like that. FYL for that. But... Don't buy stuff so quick. Even if she weren't lying, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. It's a sad thought, but it's true. You really don't need to start baby shopping till it's over halfway done baking.

I was thinking the same thing too. Granted I've never been pregnant so I don't really know the appropriate timelines. But even if I was I wouldn't buy too much until after a baby shower. Shoot! That's when you get all the good stuff!

While you're certainly not wrong, pregnancies can end at any point. I lost my first at 20 weeks. We'd just found out she was a girl and ordered her furniture - which then turned up the afternoon of her funeral.

You're definitely right about it being at any point (my mom lost a baby when she was almost full term), but it's more common early on.

I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I couldn't imagine going through that much pain. I lost my first one at 5 weeks and it was hard enough. It took me 7 years to get pregnant again, and I was so paranoid, I didn't even tell my mom until I was 18 weeks along.

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I had twins at 22 weeks (they came as micro preemies girl was 1lbs 60z and boy was 1lbs 3oz and both was 11in long) the daughter passed away at 12 days old and my son is now going on 3 in Nov I agree on waiting atleast till ur half way through to even start buying and then I'd only buy things needed right away and wait on crib till almost the due date

True, I mean I'm actually currently 32 weeks pregnant and I don't even have a crib yet. Technically waiting on the baby shower to see if I get anything then I'm going out to buy whatever else I need. But, I've had two losses in the past so there's a little remnant of "if I buy stuff something horrible might happen again." Sigh. Being pregnant is tough. I feel really bad for the OP, while he totally jumped the gun his (hopefully now ex) girlfriend should have told him as soon as she realized he was buying stuff. Or better yet not use that sort of thing as a "test" in the first place.

Do not stay with her. That is an absolutely TERRIBLE thing to lie about and should never be used as a tool to test someone with. Although, I don't know anyone who starts buying baby items 8 months before the baby is born. I'm about to have my second in two days, and I started purchasing at like 32 weeks. Usually you want to wait about 12 weeks to make it over the 'safe' hump. Return what you can, sell on a Mom 2 Mom site/Craigslist if you can't! Good luck with you two!

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You kind of jumped the gun, man. Many things can occur that can mean no baby. You had a couple of months to have planned this better and saved your money. Aside from some vitamins and doctor visits I can't think of anything that demanded to be bought immediately. Regardless of that, your girl is wretched.

While it's true there is no reason to buy baby items early in the pregnancy, excitement usually leads to a few purchases. Should it not be needed or result in duplicates things can always be traded, sold, returned or gifted at a later time.

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Your girlfriend is kind of like any politician. She leads you on for a while, makes you believe her, but after a while she throws you under the bus out of nowhere. Or at least that's how I've learned politicians to be like...

Not all politicians are bad! That's just a sweeping generalisation. Some are bad, but you get bad ones in every bunch, in every field. Most of them genuinely try to do their best.