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Today, my girlfriend told me that she feels pregnant. I didn't believe her, given how recently we had sex for the first time, so I told her to take a test to make sure. She's very sure now. FML
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well congrats on being a daddy but it doesn't matter if it's the first time you have sex. sex is sex

First time or not, she can still get pregnant...I thought they taught you that in health class.


well congrats on being a daddy but it doesn't matter if it's the first time you have sex. sex is sex

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NO! I always thought sex was cake, its a lie?!

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Just wait until your kid grows up and he realizes that he himself is an fml.... FthebabysL

Actually I think what he means is that since they had sex so recently that there is no way for her to already feel pregnant unless she was cheating on him. Either that or she is loyal and it's his. It's either an FML or YDI depending on which.

55- depends on how recently they had it, doesn't it? even if they only had it a few weeks ago she could still have caught depending on her cycle. either way, i see this as YDI for not taking precautions

#87 just because she's preggerz doesn't mean they didn't take precautions. Believe it or not, condoms CAN break, the morning after pill CAN be forgotten or ineffective, and pulling out, it just doesn't work.

There are actual several more factors than a missed period that a girl can look for to see if she's pregnant. If she "feels" pregnant, that means she might be nauseous at random times, get headaches, more hot flashes, etc. A missed period is more of a confirmation.

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Well if OP is meaning that they only recently had sex say like last week then she wouldn't feel pregnant that quickly. Maybe she was already pregnant??

Missing your menstrual cycle does not always confirm if you're pregnant. Yes, it is a higher ratio of confirmation that you're pregnant but it is still possible to have your menstrual cycle while pregnant without it being suspected as a sign of miscarriage, unusual spotting (can be an indication of a different medical problem), or a zygote (fertilized egg) attempting to plant it's self to the uterus lining, etc. Some women have reported going almost full term with the baby while they still had their monthly visit and others have reported a couple of months into their pregnancy (usually light bleeding) from what I have read, heard and educated myself a little bit on the topic out of curiosity as I plan on having children in the next few years myself. I found that information pretty fascinating and surprising as I did not know women were still capable of menstruating while pregnant and have that classified as normal under an unusual circumstance. However I do believe this ratio of menstruating while pregnant if I am not mistaken is still lower in comparison to confirmation of being pregnant by missing your cycles for the next however many months if the baby decided to arrive early, on time, late, etc. To be honest, I prefer to be on the "normal" side of things and rather have that confirmation by not having my cycles personally lol.

I apologies in advance for the previous long comment. To sum this up for short readers - TLDR: Missing your period does not always mean you're pregnant as it is still possible to menstruate while pregnant without it being considered a negative side effect.

It's possible and normal to have some spotting during early pregnancy, which can be heavy enough to be mistaken for a period, but it's not actually menstruation.

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You can not menstruate while pregnant. That being said some women do experience light bleeding while pregnant for various reasons. OP congrats on the baby sorry it happened so unexpectedly

Cazz.. What you're saying is that having your period doesn't mean that you're not pregnant. I have not heard of situations in which a woman with regular periods who suddenly doesn't have it that do not mean that such woman is pregnant. TL;DR: imo yes not having your period is a confirmation of pregnancy. But since I'm not a doc like our favorite bastard, I don't have the required knowledge to say that without a doubt.

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there are cases where women have had a kind of period for the whole time they are pregnant (one every month not continually) it can happen and you can also stop having periods due to stress and other factors. the only true way of knowing is tests, scans and the enevitable bump.

It's not menstruating if you're pregnant, since menstruation by definition includes releasing new eggs and shedding the uterine lining. You're correct that vaginal bleeding is still possible though, for a variety of reason. Also, missing a period doesn't mean you are pregnant either. You can miss a period due to changes in your weight, illness, stress, or a variety of other things. TL;DR version: whether or not you have vaginal bleeding is NOT a reliable indication either way.

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This is why you wrap it before you tap it

First time or not, she can still get pregnant...I thought they taught you that in health class.

OP and #5's dad should've both used condoms.

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Do you have selective reading? He said "recently" therefore he's questioning the time frame not whether a girl can get pregnant or not the first time a couple has sex.

Can't be very recently, it takes around 3 weeks for the test to show up as positive.

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That seems to be the point of the fml. It may be that it's not his at all, depending how far along she ends up being.

Maybe what he meant was it sucks that he got her pregnant their first time, not that he didn't think it wasn't possible?

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#48... Positives from a home pregnancy test are at 5 weeks. Blood tests can tell earlier.

Well.... It's always possible he's young enough that he hasn't had health class...

I know of some tests which can tell from as early as two weeks.

How stupid are you? It doesn't matter if it's the first time, if you didn't use protection there is every chance of getting pregnant.

I don't think OP didn't believe she could get pregnant on the first time... it says 'how recently we had sex for the first time.' I think he means that he thought his gf couldn't know if she was pregnant because they had sex so recently.

It doesn't matter if it's the first time, even if you use protection there's still a small chance that she'll get pregnant

Is no one reading the comments before posting? Yes, it is possible to get pregnant on the first time but from the way it reads it sounds like they had sex very recently. You won't 'feel' pregnant two days after. Thus she cheated on him. Or the OP is an idiot and thinks a several weeks is very recent.

Some women have reported "feeling" pregnant as soon as it happens. It's not supposed to be something they physically feel, more like having a hunch about it. It's actually often included in the signs and symptoms of pregnancy (because of how often it happens and ends up being correct); throwing up, missed period, just feeling pregnant, etc...

It actually matters on the timing because the key word here is "recently" although not specified in the op if he feels its too soon because it takes at least 3-4 week to implant and 8weeks to feel symptoms or at least show up on pregnancy test.

196 both of those statements are incorrect. Implantation bleeding can occur a few days after conception and positive tests a few weeks after. I got a positive blood test at a little less than four weeks. Also, as soon as implantation occurs you can have symptoms. Mine started at week 3.

F your unborn child's life if the news of its conception drive you to come to this website.

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Wizardo 33

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88, that makes me think of rolling a girl in Saran Wrap before having sex.

put on some oven mitts before you take out the cake

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Cover your stump before you hump!

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This reminds me of the time I got in a bit of trouble in high school for ending an article by saying "and remember everyone, Make love not babies"... But seriously man! No glove no love!

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Hahaha did you actually say that? You are my hero!

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Yes, haha it got published too! Still have that issue until today

I think the Op was trying to say that it is too soon for her to know just by feel that she is pregnant. If you have doubt get a DNA test done. Otherwise Congratulations you're a daddy!

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Actually, there are plenty of women who can vouch that they knew they were pregnant before taking a test. I don't expect all men to understand but I think it's just another great phenomenon about the mystery of women. :P

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I knew I was pregnant a few hours after sex. I've been pregnant twice and it was the exact same with both pregnancies.

I found out I was pregnant at around 3 weeks. I had a feeling so I took a home test and it was positive. Some women are really in touch with their bodies and can tell the slightest difference if something's not right.

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#54, you CAN'T feel being pregnant after just a few hours. The pregnant feeling comes from elevated hormones, and they definitely are not elevated enough for you to feel a thing just a few hours after sex. You have to wait two weeks for your hormones to be elavated enough for a test to detect it, and sometimes even then it takes longer.

It usually takes two days from intercourse to conception...

You know a pregnancy test does NOT turn positive until a woman is 4 weeks pregnant

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#54 I'm assuming you've only had sex twice then, since that's impossible in the context you're writing in. The only way you can be sure you're pregnant on such a short notice is if you are tracking your ovulation and not using protection. (Getting pregnant on purpose) Even then, you might be mistaken.

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I can not explain how I knew but I did. With my 2nd pregnancy my now ex husband and myself had fertility treatment for nearly a year before I conceived. I felt something was different to all the other months when I was driving home. I had a positive blood test 10 days later.

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i actually had my husband tell me that he thought the sex felt different and that he thought that i would be pregnant after it. we were trying for a kid but not ovulation tracking. i thought it was quite funny and it had been said as a joke but turns out he was right. of course there is no way to know for definate what sexacape concieved a child but it was in thr two week windoe when we worked it back.

There is no magic date on which the test starts working. Some tests are positive in two weeks, some not for more like six weeks. It depends on the individual.

It depends on what she means by feel? Obviously there would be no physical sensations. But you can "feel" things in a metaphorical sense. I could feel like I'm a unicorn for all anyone else knows.

How does one "feel" pregnant? And if it was like 15 minutes after you had sex, I'd run from her OP. Maybe it's another dude's baby and she's lying to you.

well if you miss your period a little but after sex, you could be pregnant, and some women can just feel it. it's womanly nature lol

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Yeah, but usually only if they've been pregnant before..............

#12 Then the test wouldn't show up positive. It takes around 3 weeks before it does.

#51 I know people with positive tests before 3 weeks. It only take 6-12 days to implant and become officially pregnant, and by then, you can know by either by home tests or blood test at the doctor's office.

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Well, I mean there's a human growing inside of your body....

#60 Okay I did take the worst case scenario, with the sperm surviving a few days before fertilization and the egg taking rather long to implant. But even then, the hormone levels rise slowly, and it takes longer for a home test to be able to detect it than a test at the doctor's because the home tests are less sensitive. (While it's not exactly clear which the girl in the fml used, I would assume a home test because it's quicker and easier.)

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I thought I was because I felt different. Turns out I was. I'm 11 weeks now and I thought this 5 weeks ago.

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I see an episode of Maury in your future.

I read this as not being surprised that she got pregnant their first time but him being surprised that it's been long enough for her to already think she was pregnant. Maybe he thought it took longer to have symptoms and that's why he was doubtful (not because it was their first time).

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Thank you, someone can finally read well. It's sad how all these people on here are passing judgment like they're better when they can't even goddamn read right what the person said.

If that was the case, it wouldn't end with "she's very sure now, fml".

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Everyone interprets things differently for different reasons. Not because they "can't ******* read." Get your head out of your ass, I'm sure you've had opinions that aren't the "right" ones before. Also, aren't YOU passing judgement on others for that very comment you're making? Tisk tisk...

jer_36 10

Sounds like you're one of the ones who read it wrong and is pissy about it