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By breebree-0 - 04/03/2012 19:36 - United States

Today, I sneezed while at the office. I felt snot shoot out, but I couldn't see anything on the tissue. I ignored it and went on with my day. When I went to the bathroom hours later, I noticed a huge wad of snot had dried onto the front of my shirt. No one told me about it. FML
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Did you think the mucus had magically disappeared? Where the hell did you think it had gone? "Well shit, I can't find my car in the parking garage. I guess it's just gone. I won't bother looking." Dumbass.


12vballchick12 5

In my opinion, it really blows.

On the contrary, i think it's the bee'sneeze.

ThisIsMyReign 4

Just boogie on out of there.

bubo_fml 10

At least it didn't wind up on your ham-booger!!

I thought my nose was running, but it's snot it's snot it's snot

Uhhhh...you have dried snot on your shirt.

Now OP has to pass around fliers saying: "Some of you may have seen me walking around with what appeared to be dried snot on my shirt yesterday. Now I assure you it wasn't. My very sexy wife and I were doing a bit of roll play where guacamole was involved, and I never got a chance to clean up. Carry on."

KiwiKitten 2

It could have been much worse, just think of it that way. But still, that's gotta be sucky.

If you think about it, almost everything on this site could be worse.

KiwiKitten 2

True, but of all things that have happened on this site, this is practically nothing.

I agree, but still pretty embarrassing.

Which would be more embarrassing, no one telling you, or someone telling you straight to your face in front of your coworkers?

LaColombianita 26

I'd rather have someone tell me. It doesn't necessarily have to be in front of all your co workers. He/she could pull you aside to inform you of whatever it is they're telling you. At least you don't have to get home and be like "oh my gosh I wonder how long I had that there for."

Of course it could be like that, too. Could you imagine getting yelled at across the room saying you have snot on your sweater?

LaColombianita 26

Well that would definitely be embarrassing! But impressive at the same time seeing that they saw it from across the room.

Or just saw it earlier but wanted to an asshole.

I think I love you Wallace wells. I love SP too lol

Would be worse if you're working at Walmart and it's announced over the loudspeakers.

The exact placement of it is critical to this FML. To the pervert's eye; it could have been a hilariously entertaining sight.

nofearjenshere 12

That awkward moment when your snot misses the tissue.

The awkward moment when you realize you should have used a tissue**

That awkward moment when you read the FML again and it says they couldn't see anything on their tissue meaning they used a tissue...

If they used a tissue and the snot did not touch the tissue, obviously it missed the tissue.

I'm sure next time you'll check yourself thoroughly.

Did you think the mucus had magically disappeared? Where the hell did you think it had gone? "Well shit, I can't find my car in the parking garage. I guess it's just gone. I won't bother looking." Dumbass.

LiveLaughFML 10

maybe OP thought it had ended up on the floor or somewhere else? even though that idea alone is pretty gross, i suppose it would be better if it ended up on the floor rather than on your clothing (with the exception of cleaning it up, of course.)

mmmkayyy 6

I was eating...key word, WAS. -_-

LaColombianita 26

I thought people already learned not to eat when reading FML's... I don't even see why people get grossed out so easily anyways when reading some of these.. Maybe that's just me.

People also get turned on while reading them. Interesting bunch on here, I must say.

^ I'm one of the people who gets turned on reading them!!! Ohh crap, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud!

Well, it had to have gone somewhere. You should have looked for it better. God forbid you just leave it on someone's desk or something!