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Today, my girlfriend and I agreed to tell her parents that she's pregnant. When they started freaking out, instead of dealing with the situation maturely, she went into straight-up denial and said, "It's okay, I'm not the mom." FML
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This week on the Maury show, a 16 year old girl demands a paternity test from herself

Comments old is she? If you two are young: YDI.

**** normally I make a stupid comment right here but the bitch went and used all the stupidity allowed in this post..... seriously there's like a law or something

18-I think you succeeded in stealing back that stupidity in your comment.

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imma hobo........smeller. but on track with this fml, they totally deserve it.

75 And yet you responded. Really, we shouldn't have to correct you. You should already be typing literally. Besides, autocorrect doesn't explain why you wrote 'fraise'.

As long as your willing to take responsibility the parents will accept this situation eventually. As some people mentioned already, she might have been using humor to avoid the awkward moment thingy.

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Looks like she's too young for you bro!

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You two should reconsider your options. You don't sound like a very supportive dad. Think of the child now...and stop your name calling.

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I am so confused about the beginning of this thread.. I'm trying to see the errors that were pointed out and the person everyone is trolling..

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115- name calling? Wtf, I'm pretty sure I missed half the fml because there was nothing in this fml that suggested OP wasn't supportive.

I hope you keep your child. Too many young people just get an abortion to avoid the responsibility.

This baby is a lost cause. Ship it to Kony.

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OP is the author of the FML. YDI is You Deserved It.

if they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to breed!

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No they had it right. They were asking if the two of them were young, as in the two of you.

73- you seem like you're not illiterate, be the bigger man, comprehend what 69 was saying and leave it at that.

Kind of sounds like reverse sychology. Watch out. This "circular logic" and "mumbo jumbo" is very tricky.

Wow 196, you're a ******* genius. You looked on my profile! Give yourself a pat on the back...ehy

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Well, it's possible she had someone else's egg and sperm planted in her womb.

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Why does being young make them deserve it? You don't know the circumstances

So I'm guessing you don't really know how sex works then....

Maybe her family reacts well when humor is used to diffuse tense situations? It's actually kind of a funny joke!

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That was my first thought. My family tends to break up tension with humor.

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Actually, I don't think that's true. I mean, this is an FML, and obviously wasn't posted exactly when this happened. The guy typed it afterwards. So, considering the fact that it's on this website, the girlfriend's family didn't take it so well.

Sounds like a keeper! Agree with #3. Poor child.

Yeah I'm going to say the "Tard Mode" moment occurred long before the family discussion. Specifically when OP the genius knocked up his girlfriend.

*9 month later, in the operating room* "It's ok, I'm still not the mom."

Too bad it's a delivery room not an operating room....

not always a c- section would be an operating room or they could have a home birth.

c- sections are rapidly becoming the most common form of birth. It's convenient, the mothers can 'schedule' the day of the birth, they get an extra week of maternity leave/recovery for a major operation, and they don't have to go through labor & birth.

i dont understanf it, its a major operaration that means you cant stand up and care for your new born baby without help for weeks, it also means a hell of a lot more pain for recovery than you would have with a natural birth

Isn't the shock of going into labour the most exciting moment in your pregnancy? I for one would want to give natural birth anyways, **** the huge scar from a c-section haha

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Isn't the c section recovery painful?? You can barely do anything. I like the benefits of it but recovery sucks I hear.

This comment made me ******* lose it lol

wow, she sounds like a wonderful girlfriend!

There's too much lame sarcasm on this site...creativity people, CREATIVITY! -_-

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^ dont talk that way about my husbands!

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If not he can always join the nights watch

Hey, Romulus and Remus turned out just fine, didn't they?

You apparently have no idea what I'm talking about. Whatever! This one goes out to the single parent homes and all children raised by wolves.

Wow, she sounds umm...what's that word again? Oh, right. Stupid. FYL for knocking her up, but then again not really because you did knock up a stupid chick. So, YDI.

That was a long road to a short thought.

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A stupid thought. She sounds funny! Besides hormones make pregnant women kind of fuzzy headed. Be nice and man up.

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#117 So her being pregnant excuses her for saying that she isn't the mother? Shut the hell up and stop making excuses for her. Clearly the OPs girlfriend is dumb as bricks, that's all #7 was saying. I agree with #7, OP deserves it.

This week on the Maury show, a 16 year old girl demands a paternity test from herself

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Lol, she goes on Maury & demands a Maternity Test. That would be funny.

No freaking duh #24, that's why 8 said it. No one needed you to repeat the joke.

36, #8 said paternity, which is a test to see who the father is. Maturity would be to see who the mother is, so 24 actually got it right. Simmer down, fido.

And not to be too much of a pain, but MATERNITY would be to test the mother- "maturity" as you wrote is actually something these new parents seem to be lacking!

Well said 88, but only faggots take pictures of their own abs. And that is because they have a troll face. Lol

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And that's why this happened

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