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  lacalina  |  0

agreed. using the pull out method, you're just asking for trouble, because you're allowing someone else (your asshole boyfriend) to control what happens to your body, and he obviously didn't do a good job of it. but i guess you learned that the hard way.

  ZuRG_fml  |  7

It's not even that it's on her bf/whoever, it's that it's possible to deposit sperm without ejaculating when "leaking" = precum, or "pre-ejaculate" to the enthusiasts.

  NuclearWinter  |  0

Agreed. Pulling out has been proven to be COMPLETELY ineffective.

You're not only susceptible to getting pregnant when he orgasms, but all through-out when you're having sex, you're just as likely to be impregnated by the "pre-cum". Its more than likely you conceived
*LONG* before he came.

No sympathy x1000000


#26 though i agree pulling out is a dumb method, your post is full of so much false information i felt i needed to educate you.

1. Coitus interruptus (pulling-out) is the oldest from of "contraception" on the face of the earth. If it wasn't somewhat effective, it wouldn't have lasted over 2000 years. It is completely out-dated for our level of technology, but it definitely was not "proven to be completely ineffective."

2. If you read what i wrote in response to #8, (post #29) you will see that the ruling on pre-ejaculate is still undecided.

So please, do not try to scold someone (with your CAPS) when you do not know what you are talking about.
Thank you.

  regalarius  |  0

"Completely ineffective?" Well, a 3% [1] success rate is not a 0% success rate, I guess.

[1] - 97.341% of all statistics are made up on the spot. This is one of them.

  markssh  |  0

There can be sperm in pre-cum IF you recently came and didn't get rid of whatever might have been in your urethra. Using the bathroom after you cum helps that (piss gets rid of it). But normally, no, precum does not have sperm.

I've been using the pull-out method for 8 years, and I've never had it fail. And no, I'm not sterile -- I have 1 kid that we intentionally conceived.

  Lonely4  |  0

I know that coitus interruptus has been used for 2000 years...but way back when, there was nothing else available. Clearly this young woman should have been using protection of some kind since "hope" just doesn't cut it.

The rhythm can be very effective for avoiding pregnancy or planning involves following a plan to the letter, not to mention being mature enough and smart enough to pay attention to the details of how it is properly done, and be mature enough to control the situation.

The pull out method has a high failure rate, and it's usually just luck when it actually does work and the couple isn't smart enough to use a backup method. Even if he doesn't like the way a condom feels, and she's not worried about STDs, there are other methods of protection; I can't believe in this day and age, people are not aware of them.

This girl was not mature about sex, responsible about it, smart about it, informed about it...and neither was the idiot she chose to trust and sleep with.

Also, yes, it's true...there is only minimal sperm in precum, and even less if a man urinates beforehand...but you do realize that it only takes 1 sperm to impregnate a woman, right?

  T1MT1M  |  0

I am hating a fair few of the commenter's above because of their stupidity, But especially #26 who just spouts out completely false facts from nowhere.

  cactus_fml  |  0

Studies have actually shown that pre-ejaculate doesn't usually contain viable sperm and if it does it's leftover from a very recent previous ejaculation, because ejaculate and pre-ejaculate are made in two different places in the body. Therefore it's highly unlikely for the pre-cum to get you pregnant.

Especially when you're young, and the guy isn't as aware of his body, and not as good at judging when he should pull out (and therefore will ejaculate and you may get pregnant from the actual sperm) and you aren't ready to have a baby.
I mean really, it's a condom! Use one! Is your fate really not that important to you? I can't believe anybody does that with all the teen pregnancy related stuff on TV these days.
Agh, I hardly say this, but YDI. Good luck with whatever you decide to do about it though.
Best wishes.

  skullbuster  |  0

Yeah, but remember, we are all assuming these are teenagers. Teen boys jerk off constantly (hell, I wish I could still bust a nut 5-6 times a day...getting old sucks), so chances are this guy had some sperm floating around in that pre-cum anyway...

  diet_otaku  |  0

pulling out is a retarded means of "contraception" regardless. if you want to be absolutely sure, get CONDOMS or get BIRTH CONTROL.

but since you're already pregnant, i suggest you start by getting an ABORTION. because no child deserves to be raised by parents that don't want it and are unprepared to take care of it.


which guy you know want to pull out at the best part of sex the part where you hit your peak! None! lol you cant blame your boyfriend its just one of those things you should of been making sure he was using a condom and if not taking birth control pills all the time lol

  heyyou1203  |  0

#119, really, rhythm method is your alternative? let me guess, you think condoms and hormonal birth control are products of the devil, and that every sperm is sacred? and that anyone who has premarital sex is being irresponsible and immature, versus the 18 year old christians who get married simply TO have sex but don't bother getting to know each other first, they're the responsible ones?

  Lonely4  |  0

#234 Hell no I don't believe that! I use NuvaRing so I feel safe against pregnancy, and I'm not stupid enough to have sex without a condom...back-up protection for pregnancy and protection for diseases.

My post was responding to someone who was saying that this girl had been doing an ok thing, and there was nothing wrong with it, that it's always been done...shit like that. I guess I should have put the post number in my response.

My point was that I understand rhytm method is out there, and supposedly it works, but you have to be smart, mature, aware, etc for it to possibly work....those are all things OP is clearly not.

If you have sex, and don't want babies, wear a fucking condom. It's that simple. If you chance it, you deserve it.

  Tahiri  |  2

"WRONG, it's been proven to work 97% if done properly. That's pretty much as effective as a condom."

WRONG, it's been proven to work 0% even if done properly. That's pretty much as effective as nothing

  Lefty_Guns  |  16

I like the way wookieman thinks that a form of contraception being passed down *through the generations* for 2000 years means it was effective. You think that the people who used it would have anyone to pass it down to if it had worked?

  Sarcasm_wins  |  0

Thank you #2, you're the first person I've seen on here who noticed that the person writing the FML was in Utah. There's probably a reason this woman didn't know any better, the local religion is pretty prohibitive. Dumb, yes, to not do any research before engaging in risky behavior, but not entirely her fault. We are the products of how we were raised.

  emqueen  |  1

You guys are idiots. Mormons know exactly what sex is. I know what it is. And If she lives in Utah and is having sex with her boyfriend, it just means the elders haven't gotten to her yet.

  tp50141  |  10

Let me tell you first hand how little the Mormon Utah legislature allows schools to tell you about sex. The most I ever heard was pretty much the scene from Mean Girls... "If you have sex, you will get pregnant and you will die." ... Okay it wasn't that bad but we were told literally nothing beyond, you can get pregnant, you get STDs, and the only way you can't is if you are completely abstinent. End of story.

By  Inked2009  |  0

YDI pull out method doesn't do anything for preventing pregnancy. It's your own fault, definitely not an FML moment.

It's her fault just as much as her boyfriends, she was a complete dumbass for not stepping up to the plate for using protection.

  jm88  |  0

Of course...

Really really though, assuming you only release precum, pulling out is very effective. Just not smart. We all know we don't make smart decisions when there is more blood flow to the member than to the brain.

By  luckynotso  |  0

PULLING OUT IS NOT CONTRACEPTION!!! you can get PREGNANT from a man's PRECUM! meaning, even if he is SLIGHTLY wet at any time of being inside of you, you can get pregnant!!



Actually that's incorrect. There's no sperm in pre-cum, that's just an old wives tale. Pulling out can be effective when used correctly (as most contraception), however, it's quite easy to mess up.

  leMeepO_o  |  0

it doesn't matter if the pre cum doesn't have sperm in it, because during the actual intercourse, there's no way to prevent semen from leaking out. also, it would be incredibly easy to pass off ejaculation as precum. so no matter, what, this is absolutely not an effective method.

  perfectwinds  |  0

So just because they used the pullout method means they're trailer trash? Wow, I hope you never conceive so that your ignorance stays in a nice little bubble around you. You should really think about wearing a sign that says "ignorant asshole" so you could at least WARN people.

By  atruegem  |  0

Oh for F's sake. This a YDI if I have EVER seen one. I can only hope you don't plan to have "the talk" with your kiddo yourself when it is time for that but will rather leave it to someone a wee bit more competent