By Anonymous - 15/01/2011 07:22 - Germany

Today, my class went to Berlin. At the subway station, our teacher told us to get on the next train. I was the first one to get on and the only one who didn't hear her saying: 'Wait, that's the wrong one!' I'm lost in a city I've never been before. FML
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Get off at the first stop. Cross the platform. Get on the first train going in the opposite direction. Get off at your original stop.

If you were the only person who didn't hear your teacher say it, how do you know what she said?


that's awful ! i hope you find a pay phone or something.. or maybe a person there who speaks some english. good luck buddy!.

But he did find a computer or phone with internet...

Considering the OP is German, I don't think he's too worried about finding an English speaker.

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op will probably end up in a turkish prison

And you know he's German how? All this FML states is that the OP posted from Germany.

yeah, there is a new invention called a CELL PHONE. it magically calls or texts your friends for help.

Because Berlin isn't in Sachsen? It's in Brandenburg. I doubt he got so lost that he accidentally ended up 100 miles to the south. Also, I think he might have mentioned if the language barrier was part of the FML.

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55 is right, besides it'll be some high a** class for a class from another country to go to another just to study something. if there's a high enough a** of a class to exist, why would they just take trains?

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my french class went to canada last year...

I'm from Britain, our A Level History classes go to Berlin every year. It's not like the school pays though, the students have to pay almost £200 each. Well, depending on the number going.

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Berlin is not in Brandenburg. It is an own state.

#15: picked up the OP's IP Address when he posted this. He's in Germany, so obviously's going to pick up the German Registered IP Address.

#50: Not all Cell Phone's are able to be used Globally. In most cases, it should, but you may have an older phone which can't be used on a different network (CDMA, possibly GSM).

That was supposed to be at moniquepeeters, my comment beforehand

Berlin isn't in Brandenburg. I thought it was considered its own state, the same as Hamburg (or was it Frankfurt? One of the two...).

Have fun!!! Does no-one have a cell phone? Oh wait, you probably are posting this from one. Get off FML and call your teacher, dumbass!!!

yeah you could be on Google Maps rather than FML...but then that wouldn't be as entertaining for the rest of us lol

what if this person doesn't have teachers cell phone number...? I don't

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oh no im lost! TO THE INTERNET!!

lol #79 We aren't cavemen, we have technology!!!

Get off at the first stop. Cross the platform. Get on the first train going in the opposite direction. Get off at your original stop.

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But Zebidee, that would make too much sense!(:

OP should watch out for tht hitler guy

idk i think the jews are the real problem..

If you were the only person who didn't hear your teacher say it, how do you know what she said?

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And if he called someone why is he still lost? How are you even lost if you're in a train station? That doesn't even make sense.

you guys are so ******* stupid. every fml says "today" at the start because thats the format of the site. It could have been days or weeks after the incident when the op posted this.

Jesus Christ, back off. It was a decent question. No reason to go slamming people's intelligence.

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Because the first person they would contact is the teacher. Derp.

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Ask which train station they're at, and then ask someone at your current train station how to get there. Unless they don't speak english, in which case, use your phone for google translation instead of FML

Yea why in ***** tarnation would you just go on fml while you're lost

Almost everyone in Germany is able to speak English, just ask somebody!

And almost everybody in Germany can speak German, which is handy, because he is from Sachsen!

You American's are so ignorant to all other countries. This isn't true at all. It's like saying most Canadian's can speak French. I've lived in Canada almost all my life, and I've never met a French speaking citizen.

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Just by saying that you come off as ignorant. Also, why do people who use that term so often tend to be ignorant of that word. Ignorant means lack of knowledge, we all lack knowledge in many different things. You can't assume all Americans lack knowledge in this area.

LOL I say American's are ignorant because I've seen hundreds of polls and interviews that shows they are generally less educated about other countries and cultures. When asked to do a 'Canadian' accent, they talk like idiots. They ask if Canada is -25 degrees year round. And if we can see Polar Bears at night when we look outside. A classmate of mine from Arizona admits that the school curriculum over there doesn't teach them anything about Canada.

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I didn't know US schools were to teach Canadian history. =__=;;

I don't think many countries (besides your own) teach about Canada. Main source of info is south park.... lol. and you're missing the point about their imitations of your accent. it's called mocking....

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That's your opinion and it is fine. I agree American schools have a lot of catching up to do. So far, they have up the level of education standard, so that may not be true anymore. What you may say is your reality but those people are only a small part of America. Beside, you are being highly bias and not factual. Now, my bias opinion who the hell cares about Canada.

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lol why would we learn about Canada?

Ugh. There's a difference between people seeming confused and then trying an accent, and obviously being arrogant by mocking and making fun. Don't be such an idiot. And I never said they had to learn about Canadian History. But as far as I'm concerned, we're thoroughly taught about American culture today, as well as a good 15 other countries.

If you were asked what language Ameican's speak, you might say english. If you,ask if we speak older or newer english, you would probably say new, but Americans, we speak old english.

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you learn about your own country and then other IMPORTANT countries in school so learning about canada isnt so important and ive met plenty of canadians who speak with the amercain idea of a canadien accent

Rush, we only know more about America then they do of Canada is because almost ALL TV shows are American. I'm pretty sure they've never seen a Canadian TV show in their life (because they suck). No need to mock Canada though, guys, everyone here is almost the same as everyone in the United States.

#90: I'm Canadian, and I have to agree. Canadian Television is ******* shit. Thank god though for torrent's :D

Haha yeah, I second that. Canadian Television definitely sucks.

It's true that the vast majority of younger Germans speak English. Also, in a city as big and touristic as Berlin, that number definitely increases. You are being ignorant by not being aware of the facts before posting. Have you even been to Germany?

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Why would we want to learn about a waste of a country like canada?

Not all Americans are ignorant just because some poll said so. Unless they got a group of people from every background to participate their conclusions won't be very concrete. And it's pretty obvious that polar bears don't live In Canada, whoever said that needs to actually pay attention in school.

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Germans has a English class in school at around the start of 4th grade

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Wow, that's incredibly scary. I absolutely hate being lost.

ur on FML when ur lost in Germany? DUMBASS

it says WENT to Berlin. she probably posted this after.

Following your logic he's still in Berlin since it says "I'm lost in a city I've never been before" and not "I was lost in a city I'd never been before".

So you decided to go on a website and post something about it instead of finding help? Nice.

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Are you asking FML for help? You think FML users care to help you? We "FML" users don't even give Eeef about our life...try GOOGLE n call ur parents if you are really lost! But good luck tho;) Peace!