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By Anonymous - 15/01/2011 07:09 - United States

Today, it's the 3-month anniversary marking the day two friends and I shaved our heads as a show of solidarity for a friend starting chemo. Her prognosis is good and her hair only thinned slightly. We, on the other hand, look like a motley crew of lesbian biker chicks. FML
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It kind of takes away from the sacrifice if you're going to bitch about how you look.

Eh, atleast you did it for a good reason. It was a nice thing to do.


Eh, atleast you did it for a good reason. It was a nice thing to do.

Agreed, you did a good thing. Be proud!

Pff, why is it nice? If I had cancer, I really wouldn't need a show of solidarity, on the contrary. My bald headed friends would remind me constantly of my cancer. Woohoo. But that's just my personal view.

I agree, I wouldn't be so happy with it either. But like you said it's a personal view. I'm actually more dissapointed in the fact that OP and friends shaved out of solidarity but suddenly feel sorry. Why do such a nice thing for her (assuming she did like the gesture) when she isn't even bald yet or getting pretty bald and you know you are going to regret it/ I like the idea if your friend liked it OP but it's kinda sad how the entire situation went. Hard to explain but YDI. You should be proud to be such a friend and have more friends like that.

16, if the girls are young enough to still be in high school, I can totally understand why they would want to show solidarity. Kids can be cruel even to someone going though something as difficult as cancer, and I know I wouldn't want to be the only hairless girl in school.

laughter is the best medicine...if that was me I'd be better in days

Shaving ur head wont cure her, ydi

Cancer is different for everyone. Not everyone needs high dosages of chemo(what causes hair loss). In fact not everyone even needs chemo. From my knowledge chemo is to stop growth of the tumor and reduce its size. Kinda midway on deserving it but you were trying to do a nice thing so its both in my opinion.

It kind of takes away from the sacrifice if you're going to bitch about how you look.

I totally agree. This is the worst fml ever.

There have been WAY worse FMLs but I agree. If you really cared for her you'd be happy that she hasn't lost all her hair and you wouldn't be bitching.

Yeah. You're pretty much bitching that a dear friend of yours didn't go bald like you thought.

exactly. ur sick friend should be posting an Fml not you! moron

Wigs are wonderful things, you know. ;)

Aw I'm sure she only meant light heartedly

Fyl? Really? I'm sorry that being healthy with a shaved head is the worst of your worries. Your friend on the other hand will spend her life worrying if her cancer will come back and have many days being sick from the drugs used to treat cancer. Apparently that "solidarity" wasn't all that solid.

captain underpants anyone?

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I believe a toupeé is in order!

I think it's awesome you did it anyway.. that's a crazy nice thing to do... so you'll look like a lesbie for a few months ... it'll come back

you've made the right decision I guess, don't be too sore about it, xD

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I know how you feel! I had a friend with testicular cancer and I made a show of solidarity and support. I wonder what ever happened to that nut?

It's gold-plated, on Sirin's mantelpiece.

hahaah  that is one amazing comment

So, did you shave your balls in support?

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No, I do that just for fun.

Good for you for being good friends to her in her time of need. Your hair will grow back. Suck it up, buttercup. She will always have the C hanging over her. Be there for her.

Seriously? So because your friend isn't as ill as you "expected" her to be your life sucks? You should be happy your she's doing better!

if I could "like" this I would

The only possible solution is for you to genuinely become a motley crew of lesbian biker chicks.

Best idea yet!

Maybe you should have waited until she actually started to lose her hair?? My cousin didn't lose all that much hair either.

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yea fyl, it must suck that you shaved your head and your friend still has theirs. Forget the fact that they're the one getting the chemo treatment. That must be a walk in the park compared to what you're going through.