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  soccerstar1996  |  18

Yes, but you have to remember to plan your visit in accordance with blackout dates. Certain other restrictions may apply. They are not responsible for any injuries, drownings, or STD's that you may acquire. Fuck responsibly

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

@2 Have you never had a girlfriend? It's normal for guys AND girls to talk about their sex life with their close friends.

Also OP, at least he didn't show them a video of y'all and his friends mimicked the sounds you made..

  sparky1970  |  2

Some people need a lesson in the biology of the opposite sex. To elaborate, some women excrete a little more but that doesn't mean he should be sharing it with his friends.

  Batterypost  |  23

Yep. seeing as OP's name is "roseland", her location is New York and a quick google search showed me that there is a Roseland Waterpark located in New York, I think roseland is a pretty safe assumption to make.

By  TweetAnne  |  13

Your boyfriend is a douche bag.
His friends shouldn't know what your vagina's nickname is.

Next time he wants sex charge him, or say sorry this ride is closed for the season. That ought to shut his ass up.


If she charges, then she's a hooker. I really don't think she wants her boyfriend to spread that around too. Although, "closed for the season" sounds like a great reply. >:D

  badgirl00069  |  19

I always use that line I've been approached several different ways on several different occasions (guys are pigs ) I always say I cost more then ull make in a life time don't u just wish u could afford it ;) Lmao