By Anonymous - 16/10/2011 04:22 - United States

Today, I came home to my empty apartment. My girlfriend had left a note on the floor that said: "Took my stuff and left. Took your stuff and pawned it." FML
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SorrowFull 8

Turn her ass in. Theft is theft.

Midrash 5

Send her a text saying "took our naked pic n youtubed it"


Never underestimate the power of a female, OP. They're very cunning..

YourEvilHero 12

aaaaaaah nooo she ditnt'. •finger snap• •lip smack•

ikickgingers 15

19 - in the same respect, men are also.

This FML reminds me of a song by Yellowcard. Hahaha.

25, I know what you mean, and unfortunately that small minority of the male gender degrades the entire group.

Georgieeporgiee 9

27 - "Empty Apartment!" Ironically, the lyrics are very fitting for this situation. Poor dude though. I hope he gets everything back. And I hope she gets everything she deserves.

isitinmybedroom 11

Pawn stores are required to keep items for thirty days in the back in case it's a stolen item. File a police report, and beat the bitch at her own game without having to exert all the effort she used.

I think OP should watch Pawn Stars to see if his stuff appears. just saying

enonymous 8

Op is a guy 5 minutes at Ikea and all of his furniture will be back and some Gooseberries for dinner

tjv3 10

file charges for theft and then get all your stuff back and let the pawn shop go after her for the money

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

By "pawned" OP's ex-girlfriend means "gave to the drug dealer selling crack on the corner for a bag-o-crack" and by "girlfriend" OP means "hoe s/he be pimpin"(yes, I know that was not correct grammar or spelling)

I'm surprised no one made puns out of this FML, so i'll make it -OP you just got pwnd

It doesn't take cunning to steal someone's property and sell/pawn it out of spite while the victim is away and oblivious to what's happening. In fact, what the OP's girlfriend did was cowardly and despicable. OP should definitely report his stolen property and have the note the girlfriend wrote as evidence.

19 cunning? she stole stuff. just call the cops and you can get ur things back.

SorrowFull 8

Turn her ass in. Theft is theft.

Yeah, this--and this should be pretty much a slam-dunk for the cops, since she left a written confession.

Exactly, I've got all the proof you need!

jallred254 4

Yeah but how can he prove she wrote it? She didnt sign it. The only way would be to have her confess to writing her confession.

missamazinggg 12

OP could of been stupid and had everything in both names. It wouldn't be stealing then.

zyxwvutsrqponmlk_fml 0

98 - As much a could've sounds like could of, could of is broken English, could have would be an appropriate replacement

witchdoctor1 9

There's such thing as DNA. And compared writing. Like a finger print our writing styles are unique

jallred254 4

Yeah but the pawn shop can't give you that info until you have some kind of court order and you'll need a signed confession.

So if OP went to the police with a handwritten note, they wouldn't make any effort to match that to the girlfriend so OP could get the stuff back? That just doesn't seem right.

MhaiMhai 0

Hell yeah get the bitch arrested >:)

They would probably go to the pawn shop and look at the video. It's a pretty standard security measure these days. Quicker and cheaper than a handwriting analyst.

correct pawnshops wont share the videos with costumers however they will with police. still 2 is right cal the cops

markrs 0

This reminds me of that song F@ck You and the girl version F@ck You Right Back

DenBriZel 31

I highly doubt it. We don't get the whole story. He probably did something to deserve it, like cheating or something. Girls don't 'normally' randomly do shit like that.

Maybe he did something horrible like, I dunno, didn't spend $10,000 on her dream jewelry? Girlfriends can be insane at times.

Midrash 5

Send her a text saying "took our naked pic n youtubed it"

Eskeddit 5

Well I hope for consolation that you at least took her virginity.

Canchan 12

Take her ass to court!!! That note is all you need!

missamazinggg 12

Hey guys, he can't exactly turn her in. Her name isn't on the note, or OP just didn't say it was. The police could just think, and most likely will in this poor economy, that OP wrote it himself to get money. Her stuff is gone too, so there's no proof of her even living there.

salvorican 24

She has her stuff. And I'm sure there are witnesses to prove that they were living together

Not to mention the apartments office probably has a record of her living there. They may even have camera evidence.

forensic signature analyst ... same concept as bullet striation .. take that note, get her to write the exact same sentance on a piece of paper and then compare the two.. case closed

all else fails, drive a car through her living room

That's horrible! But I'm almost curious as to why she did that. Super awful person or super ticked at her new ex? Still, sorry all your stuff is gone.

But she was the one who broke up with him. Unless she found out about him going around or something.

It doesn't matter what he did or didn't do, what she did is illegal.