By cristina_laila - 16/10/2011 01:13 - United States

Today, while jogging in the park, I saw a man acting strange and trying to talk to 3 little girls. I jogged over to their mother and warned her about a 'weirdo' lurking around her daughters. Turns out that 'weirdo' is the woman's disabled brother. FML
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cristina_laila tells us more.

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I saw a man wearing a bike helmet, flailing his arms and following the little girls around. I kept jogging and saw a woman sitting on a park bench texting. She was completely out of site of the girls. I kindly asked her if she was their mother. When she replied 'yes', I told her that I saw a man talking to her daughters and that he looked like a weirdo...that's when she told me that the 'weirdo' was her disabled brother. I apologized to her and took off. I'm not a judgmental person; I was acting on my instincts as a woman to protect these young girls. Believe me, I'm mortified!!!

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Dont feel bad, you had good intentions. :)

I mean, your intentions were pure. I'd rather that you help prevent a situation than you allowing something to happen.


Dont feel bad, you had good intentions. :)

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I have good intentions when I park my van outside of the park and play 'pop goes the weasel' over the loud speakers.

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I have good intentions when I drive around in a van that says "free candy".

stranger danger? have a pascal swirl

Hey where'd the midget porn fml go??

Agreed. Accidentally offending the woman may have been embarrassing, but well it was worth the risk in the event that the man had been an actual child predator.

Enonymous you always make me laugh i would jump straight into your van no candy needed

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now I just have to YouTube pop goes the weasel to see what it is.

61 it goes da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da. Figure it out. I probably missed a lot of "da"s.

Op cpulda just said " Is that someone you know?"

Op cpulda just said " Is that someone you know?"

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I have good intentions when I LIVE IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER.....

Should feel bad and like an idiot maybe you just wanted him out of the way

I was an honest mistake, but did OP really have to refer to a person he didn't know as a "weirdo"?

don't feel bad, you weren't suppose to know lol

You did the right thing!

be a man do da right thing

No, she did the left thing

No, he did the acute/obtuse thing

No, she did the wild thing.

You could pass yourself off as his disabled friend.

Not at all. I find the ignorant ones like your self are more disabled.

I am disabled, actually. But hey, if you can't laugh at yourself ... ;)

I'm not sure if you are everything I hate or just a very successful troll.

Why not both?

I mean, your intentions were pure. I'd rather that you help prevent a situation than you allowing something to happen.

Well said - she should be glad to know that there are people who are concerned about the well being of others, especially children.

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OP was wise with her intentions. That mom should glad that someone else was watching out for their safety.

I agree but she was most likely offended because that was her brother. Since he is disabled she would be more protective of him as well. Attentions were good but mom was probably mad, just an awkward situarion :(

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Did you Open the door Get on the floor And then proceed to do the dinosaur?? Also was this man covered in spaghetti????

You shouldn't be so quick to judge those with disabilities, being different doesn't mean being a kiddy fiddler. Though admittedly you were acting out of concern and kindness.

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OP didn't know that it was that woman's brother!!! And obviously, if ahea running, its gonna be hard to see exactly who it is. Goodness. You are being quick to judge OP for looking out for little kids at the park.

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OP wasn't judging a disabled person, they didn't know they were even disabled. OP just saw what could have been a potential pedo and wanted to make sure the children were safe. We need more people like OP in this world. Although you are correct that being different doesn't mean someone is a creeper, it's always better to be safe, than sorry.

Plus, some creepers will act as though they have a disability, or are hurt in some way, Ted Bundy did that often to get girls to help him

Perhaps people aren't as quick to label others as "weirdos" where I come from.

Why not tell the mother there was a "man" near the kids? Same concern, minus the judgement and embarrassment.

(continuation of my previous comment) My mom had a friend in middle school who was killed by Ted Bundy! So even though this time it wasn't anything bad, it could have been, it's better to act, and be mistaken, rather than to not act, and a child gets kidnapped!! OP you did the right thing, good for you!!

64 what the OP of this comment meant was OP of the FML didn't have to say "there's a weirdo by your kids." instead say " there's a man by your kids, do you know him?"

Thanks 67, at no point did I suggest she shouldn't have brought the situation to the mothers attention. I'm saying she should have used more tact in doing so.

Oh I'm sorry! I must have read it wrong in my head, I wasn't saying that you were saying that OP shouldn't do anything, I was just giving my opinion. I agree OP should have worded it differently

You were just trying to help!

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I got a dollar, I got a dollar,I got a dollar - hey, hey, hey, hey!!!

"Mary, have you seen my baseball?"

Quick, steal the kids while they're not looking.

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9- You're an idiot.

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9~ You are an idiot.

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45- ...and your a bitch.


You should have first asked the mother if she knew the guy instead of just assuming he was a weirdo.

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I agree #10...However, when someone sees something that doesn't look right, one's words don't seem to come out in the nicest way. Until the words are already spoken. At that moment op was concerned for the children and not really thinking if that could be someone they knew.