By Anonymous - 12/05/2014 00:14 - New Zealand - Napier

Today, a guy asked for my number at the grocery store, but I politely told him I wasn't interested. He followed me home and took a shit on my doorstep. FML
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He wasn't able to go out with you but he was still able to dump you.

SharnaaaBanana 22

That's disgusting. Who does that.


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It's how you tell people you don't want them in the neighborhood.

*tells neighbors* "see that guy? I don't want him here" Please tell me what that would even do?

#1, thanks for the Cartman advice. Have forgotten all about that South Park episode until now.

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Thumb this down for no reason...

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Someone should've rubbed his face in that shit!

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incoherentrmblr 21

At least it wasn't in a bag and on fire...

SharnaaaBanana 22

That's disgusting. Who does that.

Apparently the guy who asked for OP's phone number.

Or the number he was asking for was her #2?

He was butt hurt about getting rejected.

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I do that with friends to **** wth people we dont like XD

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idiots that have really gros minds I guess

He wasn't able to go out with you but he was still able to dump you.

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"Hit on Debra!" (Like a boss) "Get rejected!" (Like a boss) "Shit on Debra's desk!" (Like a boss)

I guess he is no longer interested either!!!

Well, that's an original way of him to show that he's not pleased.

Imagine if OP was engaged to this guy and broke it off... Would he hunt her down and attack her? Sounds like a mentally unbalanced person to me. I would probably report him to the police.

What a shitty situation! ....I'm sorry

Your death shall be honoured, soldier. Look here everyone, a brave soul who's courageously taken the shot for his comrades. Yours and the inevitable sacrifices of future comrades will never be forgotten. Lest we forget.

I knew this comment was coming before I even opened the comment section, smh.

You should feel sorry...and bad. Sorry and Bad

and you, Jackass sir, should just leave.

Some people just can't take rejection, FYL OP!

SystemofaBlink41 27

No, there are people who can take rejection, people who can't take rejection and people who shit on your doorstep .