By uvagirl - 05/07/2013 01:32 - United States

Today, I came back to my apartment after moving most of my stuff out. Upon returning, I learned that my now ex-roommate drank all of my alcohol and threw away my things, thinking that I had forgotten them. FML
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Good that youre moving, huh

Atleast you're out of there, your ex roommate seems to have no respect for your things.


Good that youre moving, huh

He's just helping you out haha

next time leave a note. and move the alcohol out first

Atleast you're out of there, your ex roommate seems to have no respect for your things.

All your alcohol?! How could she?!

It probably wasn't difficult for her to chug all of it as she cries over her master's degree while hugging one of her many cats... Uh I mean how could she? I've certainly never done anything of that sort...c'mere Mr. Tiger, mama needs some sugar...

cottoncandymango 17

Well now you don't have to worry about moving/taking care of that stuff!

Screw clothes, what if OP left her laptop or iPad or iPhone?! I can go naked, but I can't live without the Internet! Oh dear god, the nightmares! The terrifying nightmares! *Hyperventilates*

strawberrywine22 27

Screw the clothes, laptop, iPad and iPhone...the roommate drank all the alcohol!!

I hate how some people can have little to no respect for someone else's belongings.

Just take all their things

Take all her stuff. I hope you two are the same size and style. bad roommates are the worst I feel for you op, been there before.

Maybe the OP was the bad roommate and left her stuff laying around the apartment she no longer lives in for weeks maybe. We don't know. She should of had a conversation with her roommate about how long she planned in storing her stuff in her old apartment.

Where's Judge Judy when you need her?! xD

Since you have moved, torch the place. On a serious note OP, that sucks, I'd have a talk with said ex-roommate.

Make him compensate. That's bull.